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    Hi all,

    I wish to terminate my debit card...
    I know that I can either write in and/or send the card back to the bank in 2 pieces...
    However, I would like to know.. what about the money inside my debit account??

    Do I withdraw all my money before terminating?? Or what??

    Any1 done this before?? Pls advise!!

    PS: Pardon me... im a newbie @ this!! :huh:
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    go to the bank to terminate your card; they will refund you the money there and then unless you want to keep the account - it's just a normal savings and current account so you can actually keep them or termiinate those as well


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      I think debit card termination is a separated issue with the saving / current account? This card is created because u have a account in the bank. Even if u terminate the card, the money is still in the bank account. U better call the hotline and ask.


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        Ok... thanks peeps...
        Might call up the hotline...


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          Help! Signature on Debit Card

          My signature smudged and there's a scratch on it... I don't know if I can still use it? Help!


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            i think there should be no problem since hardly anyone checks it, but you can go to the bank and get the card changed i think


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              I certainly hope so...

              It'd be worse if I canceled it and resign right?


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                You can call the hotline and request for them to send you a new card actually. Meantime you can still continue using the current card until you receive a new one. It takes around 5-7 working days.


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                  Ya, you just have to call the cards hotline and tell them your problem. They will replace a new card for you. I've done this before for my POSB card and is free!


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                    SO's card's signature has totally smudged. and there's this crack at one of the corners.

                    what i find amazing is that the sales people don't even look at the signature. even if they do, i don't think they'll be able to see SO's signature. :Doh:

                    does it really matter? is it more advisable to change to a new card?


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                      I lost my password and I need to pay $15 for getting a new card with resetting the pin !!


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                        I'm curious, do people prefer the POSB Mastercard debit card or the DBS Moneysmart Mastercard debit card? The two cards have the same spending/withdrawal limit ($5000/$2000) and apart from the fact that the POSB one has a 3 year fee waiver, the two are virtually identical. The reward program doesn't look that different to me. I'm tempted to get the POSB as I would only use it online. Wouldn't earn that many points at all.

                        If only I'd realized I could have a debit card earlier I wouldn't be in such a fix and have to get my friends to do online purchases for me. Silly ...


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                          Hey girls, I'm thinking of ordering some stuff online. What sort of verification would online merchants require? I understand that I've to provide my card number and expiry date.


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                            Hey Aphrael, the rewards program from both is not much of a difference to me. I will get the POSB mastercard since it has a 3 yr annual fee waiver and I think you'll get another 1 or 3 years waiver if you spend over a certain amount, quite easy to reach anyway.

                            The old DBS Moneysmart Mastercard Debit card show your photo (like citibank) and has your signature printed on the front of the card but these have been removed when they revamped the card.


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                              Hmmm... wouldn't it be better to have a UOB debit card instead?

                              I'm holding both POSB and DBS/NUS debit card, apart from the advantage over the annual subcription, they don't offer much rewards or incentives at all.

                              Unlike my bro and bf who's holding the UOB credit and debit card, there are so many rewards/discounts/offers for the cardholders as long as they spent (doesnt matter where). So unfair!