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  • Studying in Sydney


    Any cotters studying in Sydney now? Or studied there before? Would like to find out more about students' accomodation in Sydney. Any nice place with a convenient location (somewhere in between Ryde and the City) to recommend? Price is quite an important factor too.

    Any extra information - working on student's visa in Sydney, good eating and shopping places would be very much appreciated too.

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    hi superstar.

    unfortunately, i didn't study over there and can't give you much info. but i'll just like to direct you to a link which you may find helpful for shopping and eating.

    Australia > Sydney

    happy reading.


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      Studied in Sydney for a short 6 months when I was on student exchange there.. Studied at UNSW. It was a pretty cool school.

      Stayed in college there. It was great fun. Met a lot of locals and made good friends.

      If u are there for as an undergraduate.. i would suggest you stay in college for a short period of time for an experience!

      After one sem, you would know where you would like to move to already.


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        Re: Studying in Sydney

        Stayed there for 8 years, drove around for 7. Hope this will be of help.

        Where will you be studying? Eastwood is a popular area near Ryde where there are tons of Asians, but without a car it's quite far from the city. Trains can get cancelled anytime so it'd be safer to stay nearer to your school in case something happens. There is a train station right in Eastwood. Eastwood is cheaper than most surburbs closer to the city.

        You can work 20 hours a week on a student visa, full time during term breaks.

        Shopping is mainly in the city along George St, with specialty shops to department stores like DJs and Myer. You can shop from Chinatown right to Circular Quay. Just follow the street till you hit the harbor. I also love Paddington, Westfield Eastgardens, Miranda and Chatswood. Bondi is the newest Westfield and has alot of upmarket shops. There are a few brands like Alannah Hill, Spencer and Rutherford which are quite unique, but Australian fashion in general is pretty blah. There are some nice chainstores for mid-end clothes and accessories like SES, Sisco, Sheik, Cue, Seduce, Table Eight and Witchery, but I prefer going for bargains in say Chinatown as they may have the latest Asian fashions.

        For food there are fantastic Vietnamese restaurants with soups and noodles in Chinatown, Northern Chinese cuisine in Chinatown, Ashfield and Campsie, and all sorts of ethnic foods available. I can better advise you when you get there and have a specific craving. Pancakes on the Rocks is popular as it's open 24/7, as is City Express, and the BBQ pork ribs are quite nice. Bondi Beach (not Junction where the mall is) has a whole street full of cafeterias. Newtown near Sydney uni has tons of Thai restaurants. I personally prefer going to suburbs and just trying out new stuff.

        Best of all is the seafood at the fish market in Pyrmont near Chinatown. If you want to buy cheap fruits and vegies, go to Paddy's or Flemington markets.

        I'd say you'll need about $1000 spending money per person per month there. It was possible to include the rent 8 years ago with this amount, but not longer. If you live really cheaply you can get away with $600-800 just for living expenses not including rental, but it will be really tight. For rentals it can be anything from $300/week for a 2-bedroom apartment to over $500/week for a 3 bedroom/townhouse. It's also cheaper to rent outside with friends and share than living in a college, which is generally more than $250 per week in a communal setting, with lousy food and terrible toilet facilities. I can't put it more delicately than that. You also have to factor in transport. You can get weekly passes for buses and trains, but in general buses start from $1.20 or so for a short trip and it goes up by sections. One-way train tickets start from $3 and two-ways start at $3.60. Much cheaper than Europe and America but by no means cheap.

        OK, if you really wanna know, chicken wings cost around $2 per kg, drumsticks $2.50 and breast $8 or so per kg. Most meat is around $7-13/kg depending on the cut. Vegetables are cheaper, with Asian vegies going for $2 or so for 3 bunches or $1 each, and things from eggplant to squash range from $2-6.99/kg depending on whether it's in season. Watermelons are pretty cheap, usually $0.60-$1/kg, though it can be as low as $0.20. Apples and pears are usually $2-4/kg. Seafood ranges from $6.99 for things like yellowjackets to $16.99 for medium-sized prawns and $20+ for fillet, again on a per kg basis. Petrol is about $1/liter right now, up from $0.60 when I was first there. I've lived there far too long not to know the prices.

        All prices in $A, unfortunately. Conservatively for a 3-year degree with rental and a reasonable living budget where you cook at least 1 meal a day it will be around 100K Singaporean $.
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          Thanks Shine and Aphrael for all that info!

          Actually, I just finished my degree course at NTU.

          I'm going to Le Cordon Bleu to do a patisserie course. It should last for about 9 months. The school is located at Blaxland Road. I'm still trying to find accommodation. Not sure if i should stay nearer to school, or nearer to city area. School is actually only 3 days a week, so i think i should be working part-time to help cover some living expenses.

          Hmm.. just wondering.. is it expensive to get a car in Sydney? How about the resale value?
          Then again, I won't be there for long. But i'm so tempted to get a car!


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            You can probably get a secondhand car for a couple grand and sell it for the same price. Older cars don't lose that much value but check roadworthiness. New cars are almost dirtcheap compared to here (1/3 the local prices usually for the same model) but you can lose more than 30% of the original value within a year, so I don't recommend getting a new one unless you have money to burn. Older cars in comparison don't lose that much.

            For Blaxland St you will almost definitely need a car. I don't remember any stations directly there. Not the most accessible place. But 9 months isn't too bad. Even if you live out at Ryde you will probably need to drive there. It's hard to get around without a car plus the train fare will probably add up to the cost of a secondhand car that's still driveable. You will most probably work in the City as they're always hiring people in retail, but there are similar positions out in the surburbs. Just have to look. You can't work that many hours anyways but I think you can apply for permission to work longer since your course is only going to take 3 days a week. I don't know if they require certification if you want to work in a patisserie or something but if you can you will be earning better money than say as an SA or waitress, which are very popular student jobs. My friends only got $7-8 per hour in a Chinese restaurant which is really bad - it's not really worth working for less than say $15 an hour if you have the skills. You get a $6000 tax free allowance but they make you pay tax as you get paid so you must remember to file your tax returns at the end of the financial year (June).


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              Okay. Thanks so much for all the info.
              It's been very helpful. I shall hint to my parents about getting a 2nd hand car. Hehe.


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                I am interested to study in Macquaire University..

                any tips??


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                  I think Macquire University is one of the most recognised school for business in Sydney. Not too bad.

                  I'm a newbie to Sydney so I'm staying tune to this thread as well. Anyway Superstar, if you are hardworking and prove that u can do good service in retail, u'll most prob get abt $16/hr.


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                    I am going Macquarie Uni for Bachelor in Early Childhood Education...

                    erm, anyone knows any details on scholarships?


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                      I'm currently doing postgrad studies at Macquarie Uni, and I have a friend who is doing postgrad studies in Early Childhood education.

                      I think the scholarship info is posted on the Uni's website. But from what I hear, the ones given out to international students are not that many, and also you'll be up against a rather large population of international students at Macq Uni. Not to dampen your spirits, do give it a shot anyway, and good luck!


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                        Hi all! (",) I will be pursuing my Masters in Uni of Sydney, Cumberland campus beginning next year for 2 years. I'm worried about a few things:

                        1) Toiletries - Where can I get good & cheap toiletires like the ones we use in Singapore?? Some brands I'm using now include Follow Me, Kose, Hoya Hair Care, Ginvera, Simple & Cetaphil. Do I have to ship them over?

                        Do they a variety of toiletries suitable for Asians in Sydney?

                        2) Banks - What bank should I use? How should I go about tranferring money over?

                        3) Is it advisable to bring my own pillow & comforter there as well?

                        4) Health Supplements - I take Centrum Multi Vits, Pycnogenol Anti Oxidant, GNC Vit C, Evening Primose & Amino Collagen daily. Is it available there? Is it advisable to bring it oveR??

                        Would really really appreciate all your tips & advise? I feel so uncertain!! Thank YOU in advance!!!!!!! *muakz muakz*


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                          Hi Sweetieruffle,

                          1) Toiletries - You will be able to get Simple & Cetaphil in supermarkets or drugstores in Sydney. I don't think I have come across the others u mentioned. However, there are Loreal, Pantene, Palmolive and Dove we get in S'pore if you don't mind. When I was in Oz, I also liked using Aveda hair products which are hardly available in Singapore.

                          2) Banks - You could open bank account with ANZ. Can simply TT money over or get your friends/family to give u a CO to deposit into your bank a/c.

                          3) Health Supplements - There are many drugstores so u do not have to worry abt getting these supplies. There are many pharmaceutical companies in Australia so common supplements like vitamin C, EPO, multi-vit are readily available. However, I think they do not have the Amino Collagen there.

                          Hope this helps.


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                            Ah .. onenotesamba, THANK YOU!!


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                              I'm sure you'll find equivalents for toiletries over here. It's not really worth shipping 2 years' worth of toiletries over with the excess baggage fees. My friends used to ship the Dove body wash from Asia and ended up having it leak all over her clothes even when it was double packed. If you're going to be living in Cumberland you'll need to bring stuff that's more important than toiletries. 40 kg ain't gonna cut it. The only thing I don't use is Australian toothpaste - even their Colgate smells weird.

                              Banks - you have to scout the area you'll be living in or spending your time most in the day to see which banks/ATMs are available. If you make withdrawals from ATMs from other banks you end up paying transaction fees which can be up to $2 per withdrawal. All unnecessary expenditure. Most student accounts don't have fees but be sure to show them your student visa when you open the account. The banks here are pretty much ripoffs.

                              Comforters and pillows are quite cheap here. I don't see the point of wasting space and bringing it when you get get them for under $100 in total. There are pillows from $10 and comforters from $50 depending on where you go. Maybe not in Cumberland but I'm sure you'll do some shopping in the city areas from time to time. Summer is coming and most apartments don't have airconditioning, so you won't need comforters till the weather starts cooling in April or so.

                              Health supplements are probably cheaper in Australia. My mom buys plenty to ship home each time she's here.