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  • Any ex-Victorians?

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    SATURDAY, 5 MAR 05
    12 NOON TO 4 PM

    Finally, the first ever Homecoming event is organised for you on 5 Mar 05 from 12 noon to 4 pm. Come and join your fellow alumni on this special day. A chance for you to meet up with old friends you have not seen for years and teachers as well, or be updated with the many changes and additions to your college's infrastructure in her quest to be a world class institution. It's FOC and there are prizes to be won too, and activities to keep you meaningfully occupied. Please visit the VJC website and click on link at the site for more information.

    Please help to spread the word around by forwarding this message to as many ex-Victorians you know. Thank you and See you on 5 Mar!

    Foo Chui Hoon (Mrs)
    Head of Science
    Victoria Junior College
    20 Marine Vista
    Singapore 449035
    Tel: [65]62402-150
    Email: [email protected]


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    i was from VJ, but not sure if i would want to go back.. the school culture is different without lee pui man...
    and there'll be so many people.... so crowded...
    what is it exactly? a funfair?


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      hi dar-ling, how is it different with LPM? just curious. all i remember about her is that she used to make us go back on sats for gardening. i didn't go back once and had to go for make up PE.


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        wouldn't the place be better without LPM?

        hey did you girls hear the condom story? haha I recall there was an 'urban legend' that some students who were irritated with her, would place used condoms in her garden, for her to spot during her gardening sessions!

        Anyway, I don't know what's going on that day, but since I'm staying close, I'll be dropping by with my ex-classmate!


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          i went back to VJ after she left... it was like less structure n everyone was like more slack, even the teachers say less stress. when lee pui man was around, you can like imagine her lurking around to catch us doing something that we shouldn't be doing... i think that VJ standard is not as good without her...

          anw she's quite nice actually, quite motherly... had to go and see her before because my friends and i had done badly for our exams. it was quite funny as we were all borrowing belts and badges because we forgot/never wear, and were tucking in our shirts and trying to make our skirts look longer...

          i went for the gardening once before. and i think that it's very dumb, because what we were told to do was to put the soil from the bottom of the slope onto the top of the slope, and then next week, after all the rain has pushed the soil from the top back to the bottom again, another group of students will be asked to put the soil back up again... always thought that that was ridiculous...


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  ! I'm from VJC too....didn't know about that......thanks for the info!


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              oohhh! LPM was never motherly to me. my bf has more stories though. whenever she was walking around looking very frantic and anxious, word had it that she was looking for him.

              what's up with the gardening craze? we even had to pluck weeds around the track for makeup PE.


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                I agree that the sch aint the same without LPM. Who can forget how she used to go into the girls' loo to mop the floor and pound on the toilet door to ask you to get out so she can mop. I don't think every principal is that "hands-on".

                I think the 1 good thing in my years there was when Becks came to VJ. ;p


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                  She mopped the floor?! She did that???

                  Beckham came after I left


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                    she didn't mop the floors during my time too. must have been during the later years. oh man, what a way to remember her. i've never been too fond of her. nor have i had any pleasant experiences with her. she's too results oriented which i understand is great for the school but not so great for the rest of us who came from not so fantastic sec schools.


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                      was there when beckam came, but i couldn't be bothered to stay in sch and watch him..

                      overall, i think that LPM was a good principle...


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                        actually i love lpm... hahaha.. she has been real motherly to me.. esp when i fell sick before my prelims.. and she was so anxious and took care of me in the sick bay while the other teachers were unavailable... in the end she called my mummy to get me from school.. which i thought was really sweet of her.. she scould have just left me there to die.. hahah

                        ok ***.. not that bad ***.. but the thing is she bothered to check my records to call my mum... truely on unforgettable principal IMO...

                        yes i got chaed out of the toilet a couple of times too... so she could mop the floor.. the first time i ever met a principal who would do so much more for a school...


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                          well i was from the later batches when she left the school but i heard from my teachers about the famous cigeratte story which morphed into a horrific incident where she forced all the teachers to check every students from cigerattes and then forced all those who were caught to name other students who smoked too haha, anyway my teacher also said that she is quite a sad old thing now, he wanted to visit her but she refused to let him come, said that she did not want him to see her like that...


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                            I didn't like LPM. I was only there for 3 months before I decided I had enough and left for Sydney, and I thought orientation was really bad. They should really have some guidelines for training student leaders rather than let them loose. The year I was there they paid for the East Coast Park BBQ without consulting with the teachers - schools are not allowed to hold gatherings without adequate supervision by staff. I was also forced to buy the orientation pack with the wrong T-shirt size and so was my sister when she went there. They were herding us like sheep. Wish I'd had the guts to skip it. The most traumatic week of my life. The toilets were filthy and she was always sucking up to Dunmanians. I'm from Dunman High myself and I thought it was very unfair to other students.


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                              be careful or else you get "lee-phui-man-ded"!!!

                              i miss mr truman! he's my geog lecturer. heard he got kicked out to AJ coz LPM didn't like his guts... b.ah

                              i had "personal interview" with LPM before. that horrid woman. made me change from science to arts.... but looking back, i am sure i had more fun at arts if i had continued to stay in science!

                              eh, remember jancy? that little lady always in those cheongsam dresses? she's like the office clerk or something. she is the wife of my boss!!!! OMG! met her at a colleague's wedding. but she was so pleased that i remembered her.
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