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Make your fresh flowers last

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  • Make your fresh flowers last

    A friend of mine shared this with me recently. Apparently the following method can make fresh flowers last up to a month.

    Firstly, boil a pot of water. While waiting for the water to boil, place the flowers into a bucket or bowl of water. Submerge few inches of the stems in the water, use a sissor and snip away the stems.

    Once the water is boiled, remove the flowers from the bowl of water and place it in the boiled water such that the boiled water covers only inches of the stem.

    Leave it for about 10 seconds, you will see bubbles popping out from the stem.

    After which, place them flowers into a vase of water as per normal. And voila! Your flowers will last up to a month!

    I think basically this is how it works:
    Air bubbles are generally stuck in between the stem of the flowers preventing water from travelling up the stem. Therefore, by placing the flowers into a boiled water will force the bubbles out from the stem. Hence allowing water to travelling up the stem without obstruction.

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    Thanks for posting this great tip! Any cotters who have tried this out please post results too.


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      thanks babe for sharing. but this comes abit late... should post this around v-day.. haha.. so the girls here would have their flower last til now. including mine.


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        LOL! Apologies for the late post! I just for the tip from my friend too! My flowers are goner too!

        Well, but there's still next V-day, birthdays, anniversaries right!