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Crochet, anybody?

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  • Crochet, anybody?

    Does anyone here do crochet?
    What items do you end up crocheting?

    I end up with sling bags, pouches and blouses as I prefer them to be wearable as compared to doilies.

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    i've done crocheting some many years ago. i have done quite a lot of dollies, and also a huge one to put on top of the tv. And pouches as well. tried to do a bag too and a top but gave up 1/2 way. Once i start on a project, i cant stop. Cos I cant wait to see the finished product. And once i stop, it would take quite a while before i pick it up again.


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      both of you are so clever ...I just start and until headache don't know what i'm friend say for starter have to buy book which have simpler design than mine and start with square design but i guess i'm not up to it..
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        Hi Amicyber,

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        Thank you for understanding!


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          I used to love doing it. I could make a small handbag in a day!

          If you're a beginner, there's probablynothing better do than making a small & nice simple bag similar to this one

          You could do yours in just one kind of stitch all the way. Make two square pieces, sew/crochet them togther & voila.

          I am dying to get my hands on this pattern. This scarf is so gorgeous & unique.

          This baby hat is so cute


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            hi teiko:..are you refering to the ha that i use??cannot find anything wrong with my post..not using any shortform care to tell me anything wrong.


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              hi stellat:thanks for the advice..


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                That may be true but could I suggest that you rephrase for easier reading purposes? TIA


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                  hi Stella,

                  Indeed, I saw that bags book. The designs are more or less the same. I am hoping to design and knit one up one these days.



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                    Hi all, what's the difference between crotchet and knitting? Seems like quite smiliar to me..


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                      main diffference is the used of the needle for crochet and knitting. 2 long slim needles for knitting and a short thin needle with "hooks" on the end for crochet.
                      the "end product" of knitting is typically thicker as you can use thicker threads but in crochet its usually thinner threads. haha am i confusing anyone?
                      i used to love crochet-ing also. did many handphone pouches.. end up blackish and dirty after being lazy to use... biggest creation was a pouch i used for my graduation night 5 years ago haha


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                        I like to crochet, mainly bears and hats. But so far i had only complete a nice looking bear. Would love to crochet some nice looking hat and some mini ones for the bear but im lazy and the yarns aint cheap (not much varieties too)

                        Also, i find that there's more nice looking projects and books on knitting than crochet-ing


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                          you can find books in the library as well.

                          I pick up the basic (getting started, and forming chains) from a malay classmate who crochets. The rest i learn from the books. I agreed alot are on dollies.. there was a time i was so bored with all the dollies that i tried to come up with my own designs. *heh*


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                            Crochet doesn't have to be boring!

                            Yup, you heard it from me.

                            There's a lot of nice patterns out there and as long as you understand the basic of body shaping, you can even wear crochet!

                            Crochet when done in single or double crochet can create firm fabrics; thus they are usually good for making bags, hats and toys. Lacy crochet on the other hand can help create beautiful shawls and garments. Crochet uses a single hook.

                            Here's 2 garments that I crocheted.

                            And baby stuff or toys too!

                            Ok, you can see the others, including knitting at my blog if you wish.
                            Have I convinced you yet?



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                              Hey, does any girls here know of any url that I can get free patterns from? I have always wanted to knit or crochet but am very lazy, will always drop half-way, so I dare not spend money on pattern books which will eventually be left on the shelf.