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Does loyalty pay?

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  • Does loyalty pay?

    Everybody tells me it doesn't pay to be nice and loyal to company because if they need to cut cost, they won't hesitate to retrench us.

    Do you agree?

    I've been thinking to resign for few months already, and just when I thought I've made my mind, my boss told me that one of my teammate just resign. So I reconsider my decision because I don't have the heart to leave them when they need people (my team is very small so it greatly affect us). But my SO and his friend think it's a silly decision for the reason I stated above. Especially my SO since he knows how unhappy I am there. Do you have the same dilemma if faced with the similar situation?

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    it's always normal to look for greener don't have to feel bad about it...people come and go...they should expect this...if they are not treating their employers well, it's their loss..

    i think you should just go live for don't live for the company...

    the company also don't just need only you to survive..comes retrenchment and sort...the older and elder staff will be the 1st to go...wats with the loyalty..haha

    just my



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      Yep I agree .. loyalty .. what's that to companies these days?
      Think more for yourself rather than the co.
      At the end of the day .. you'll be the one at disadvantage, not them!


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        hmmm i think it all depends on what you want in your career

        some people will not hesitate to stay on for the company, however come months later, they will complain abt the job and get unmotivated by the work load and such

        some will not stay cos mainly there are greener pastures, of course not without dangers of retrenchment too ( know one friend who got retrenched after 2 months in the job, so u see First In first out policy doesnt apply here)

        i will say give it a try, cos really u are giving yourself a chance
        i wouldnt mind trying cos at least i have tried

        and yeah since they are short staffed now, you are still safe for the moment.

        by the way, panda, u already secured a job?


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          So you think I should just resign and move on?

          I'm such an undecisive person

          natnatviv, nope ... I haven't secured a job yet because I want to take few months break. I've been feeling very low the past couple of months and hopefully the break will give me time to think where my life is going ...


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            I agree with natnatviv. But before making any decision, you might want to comsider whether will there be an increase in remuneration if you stayed on in the job? Especially since your team mate is leaving and there is a possibility of increase in workload and responsibilities. Also, what are the factors that makes you want to leave this job? People? Workload? Environment? Do you think you can stay on a few more months?