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What job allows you to earn fast money?

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  • What job allows you to earn fast money?

    Is there any jobs that allows us to earn $ fast? I graduate last year and am currently working as a junior designer I have plans to start a small business , which would need around at least 30K to start off. I am thinking of spending around 2 - 3 years to save that amount ( I don't wish to borrow from parents in case I fail) . I heard from friends that they earn quite a lot in call centers and stuff. Is it true?

    I need some advises from you guys... thanx!

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    wow. saving 30k in 2-3 years is abit ambitious isn't it?

    You are just a fresh grad and if you really want to earn alot you'll have to work your way up.

    i think you can earn alot if you are a sales executive(car sales, housing, insurance) but that's provided you have many contacts to start off.

    my friend worked as a direct sales executive(credit cards) during holidays and he earns up to 3-4k per month.

    how much is your alot? if you thinking of fast cash, then i have no idea...

    just my


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      Yup. I know what you mean. It really hard fopr a fresh grad to earn that amunt. Thats why I am now teaching tuition too , hopefully can earn more $ from there.

      A lot meaning maybe at least 2K a month. I need to save about 1K a mth at least. So it will add up to at least 30K in 30 mths.



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        hmm some customer service pays close to 2K including of allowances and this and that.

        you want to keep aside 1K per mth? i assume you do not have any other financial burdens? you do not have to give part of your pay to your parents? one last question: "you do not shop much?!" haha....


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          Nope. I give $ to my parents.

          For example. if I earn 2K , after CPF will be 1.6K. I have 3 tuition students which adds up to abt $500 per mth. I usually give my parents $500 , so that amt can be earn from tuition. So I have around $600 to spend? haha :bore:

          I used to shop a lot , but not so much now , coz want to save money. Though sometimes I will get out of control and just buy whatever I want. haha
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            i dont think it is impossible but u do have to watch ur spending carefully

            and also, take note your salary doesnt stop at that level forever
            if you have more time slots, u can also opt to teach more tuition kids


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              ya it is not long as you watch your spendings! it's easy to say to save but it's even easier to spend!


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                Girl, quit your job for goodness sake! Go and work in sales where you can get $2k and above (inclusive of commission and incentives).


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                  There is no free meals in this world.

                  Another alternative is to find a rich husband.


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                    Here's another option. You might want to consider giving full-time tuition. I have a friend doing that right now, and he takes home about 2-3K a month. and the timing is flexible, you have plenty of time to do other things and plan for your business.

                    The only bad point is you won't get any CPF of course. But you can always discipline yourself and make the contribution yourself.



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                      hey guys... thanx for all ur replys.
                      I actually did consider teaching full-time tuition before. Just not sure if it would work and income seems to be quite unstable.


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                        xgirl, ya i agree the income is pretty unstable. But I guess you can build up your foundation first, once parents know you are good, they will flock to you automatically. 'Word of Mouth' advertisement is the strongest in this case.


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                          Or night shift customer service? I had a friend who worked at the airport's night shift customer service or info counter or something, getting something almost $3K a month...


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                            do sales n work ur butt off for it.

                            also, teaching music lessons eg guitar, violin, piano etc can fetch u more than tuition soemtimes.


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                              Airport customer service sounds good. and i love meeting people. Where do they usually advertise? newspaper?