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  • Mosaic Music Festival

    Anyone catching any performance? I'm very keen on the James Moody's 80th birthday celebration one at The Esplanade. He's the guy who did Moody's Mood For Love. One of the American Idol hopefuls sang this. Cowell said it was "style over substance" that got him through. Oh, he's been booted already.,3=rsJFM

    Wonder if I can still get the $48 tickets..
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    I'm interested in going to the "Montreux Jazz Special Concert BARBARA HENDRICKS & Magnus Lindgren Quartet 'Jazz Project?".

    "Hendricks will perform timeless classics by the likes of George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Duke Ellington among others..."

    Anybody else interested? It's this Sat at 7.30pm.


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      Better hurry if anyone wants to catch the performances! The cheaper tickets are already sold out. Porter and Ellington! Intriguing!


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        BEBEL GILBERTO - Live

        Ok, not part of Mosaic, but I wanna go for sure!!C4Brd1J.tOGowA7oqI5tAkP5=AzsJFM


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          :wow: Me too!

          Link's too long, Saresha. My link to Moody's was off as well.

          Bebel Gilberto!


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            Oooh saresha and glossie, I like bebel gilberto too! Lovely!
            How much is the tix?


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              Thanks, glossie!

              Happy to see I'm not the only Bebel fan here. Wanna go together??

              Tix are $118,S$108,S$98,S$78,S$58,S$38, but the cheapest are gone.


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                got my Bebel tix already!
                got the $58 ones, but seats were not great.

                ah well....the concert hall accoustics are pretty good so should be ok.


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                  Waaah, I wanna go! Better get mine soon.

                  Just got back from the Esplanade. My friend and I had a great time. The performance was just fantastic (and the very talented Magnus Lindgren is a real hottie too!) Thank you, artichoke, for your help with the tix!


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                    definitely want to go watch bebel!!!
                    is anyone going for diana krall too?


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                      Patti Austin is doing an Ella Fitzgerald tribute concert in May!

                      14 May 2005, Saturday, 7.30pm
                      Esplanade Conert Hall
                      $40, $60, $80, $100


                      How was Gilberto and Krall, those of you who watched them?
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                        It's back! Jason Mraz is coming to town!



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                          So is Eddi Reader...

                          She is performing at the Recital Studio, pretty small and neat. No intermissions. Gawd, wish I can get a tic to watch her perform.


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                            Catching Kings Of Convenience next Thurs!


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                              Originally posted by Glossie
                              It's back! Jason Mraz is coming to town!

                              heh heh. me going to his concert. the tix was sold out fast. thank goodness i ordered it early.