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  • Corporate - Outings/Birthday/Team Building

    Hi all! need a little help here!

    Can give me some suggestions on how to celebrate a colleague's birthday?

    We take turns to celebrate for each other, and there will be one "organiser" for each birthdays.

    So i'm the 1st to go -- to organise

    But i just joined the company not long ago, or rather this is the 1st time i'm engage in such activities (other than close friend's birthday celebrations)

    What do you suggest other than going for simple lunches at restaurants?

    I heard they tried bowling before...

    Any other interesting ideas? or share yours? hee.....thanks alot!

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    Eating is usually the best way to celebrate a birthday cuz we all love food!! I guess also depending on the budget??

    I can only think of karoke and picnic!


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      i guess it's a more relaxed mood? and everyone would be more at eased.


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        BBQ is good and karaoke is always fun if everyone is sporting. A friend's company organized a team building event, a game of miniature golf at Big Splash complex. Sounded like lots of fun!



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          karoke will be awkward as i just joined the company and not very familiar with my colleagues..hahah...

          i think maybe a lunch will be just nice...

          they've gone bowling before..i don't want to repeat the same activity...

          any other suggestions? whats potluck btw?


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            cupo, potluck is where everyone brings a dish and feast together!


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              cUp, must it be during lunch hours??

              If you ask me, I prefer doing high-tea! Start high-tea at 3.30pm, cake cutting at 5+pm and by the time that is done, already time to go home!!!

              Would be heavenly if I can do it on a Friday haha!


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                ohce! haha what good plans you got there huh! i supposed it can be off office hrs too! will check with my manager tomorrow since i'm having a 1-to-1 with him!


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                  i agree with ohce. Having it during tea-time is good as you can prepare finger food as opposed to lunch time when you need heavier kind of food. The atmosphere is great too when you have a mini-party during office hours!


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                    This is really frustrating!

                    I've asked everyone for feedback and we've decided upon cake cutting session during tea time and dine over the evening.

                    however one colleague(which is also new) sort of "hinted" to me that everyone pay 10$ each will be more than enough. (total 8pple)

                    I thought that was for the cake and present. But no!

                    she meant including the dinner ! and maybe we might be going bowling so that includes in the bowling? she told me that i never ask for others opinion. she said some people might not want to spend too much. and i told her the others mentioned that money is not a problem what! goodness..

                    then the worst thing is, this thing i am the one planning. she went ahead to ask the birthday girl what she wants to eat, which day, bla bla............................. :Doh:

                    how should i handle this? i was actually thinking of dining over at seoul garden or restaurants like sizzler price range around 20-25$. and we pay for our own food and game. it's not everyone's birthdays mind her! now i guess i can't proceed anymore!

                    and my senior management told me that buying cake, he will pay for it.

                    it's all about team building and make everyone feel at home and be close.

                    why so "stingy"? and i guess she earns quite a lot too!

                    and there will be her chance too! when her birthday comes...

           i felt so restricted...maybe we can just dine at kopitiam then! :booty:

                    What do you think? And i must surely accomodate her...
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                      i think team building exercise is good, but everyone has constraints even though they are earning a lot
                      i really dont think she is "stingy", just voicing out some opinions.

                      best thing to do, send an email with
                      - options on what to do
                      - cost involved

                      also do add in suggestions are welcome, at least u make the colleagues "more at home"

                      have fun planning!


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                        eh sorry that is not a generalized remark. she really is. even a plate of rice she complains the auntie give so little. okok i understand she has her own constraints and her own way of life but i really think she is stringy. and it's not as if she can't afford it. haha...nevermind. later her birthday and we never bring her eat good food, maybe she'll complain that we are so stingy.

                        then what do i plan then with each of us 10$! can't even buy present cannot have dinner...have dinner canot bowl...


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                          where else got dinners that don't exceed maybe 15$?

                          pizza hut? hmm..might be a good i might have to cancel the bowling thing...if not she's gonna be unhappy...right?

                          sigh i really don't understand....and when people mentioned team building..her face looks like . someone suggest going for some camps. she said "go there alot of mosquitoes" pouring cold water isn't it.....

                          one thing i dont understand is, should i accomodate her or should i just go ahead with my plans? even if it amounts up to 30-35$ per person including own meals and games..


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                            so sorry if i sounded very :roll: here! because i really very angry now! haha very mood-wrecking...supposedly eveyyone let down their hair and have fun ...


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                              actually i dont think u are unjustified in feeling unhappy about the whole thing
                              i really dont see the point getting angree over it
                              after all the planner have to make the whole group "happy"

                              this is afterall an "out of pocket" expense event, so budgets are definately neccessary.

                              opportunity costs, my dear!