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    cupo, at my last company, we usually don't give presents between collegues save for soem of us who are very close. Usually we'll dine out and we'll split the amount between us minus the birthay person. As for cake, since its offered to be paid for, I guess having a cake and dinner is enough?

    I think nat's suggestion to email out is very good, to get everyone's opinion and to "prepare" everyone for a budget. No matter how much one person is earning, some people might not be comfortable forking out $$ to birthday celebrations.

    Most people will nod head in general when asked, but deep inside they have their idea of an acceptable range of amount to be spent which might be different from yours. Since birthdays are every year and plenty more of others to come, best is to keep it affordable!


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      okie i've learnt yet another thing regarding workHAHA thank you girls :wave:


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        actually it's because my manager told us to organise something interesting..i got the impression it's not just eating erm okok...because they were joking about "don't bring me to the zoo or bird park can already"

        and they previously went bowling and i thought it should be something like that...oh well nevermind...

        maybe just dinner and cake will do...


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          cupo, what you can do is to list the different options and cost and email them out and majority wins. At least you let them know about the cost and no one can complain after that or worst, refuse to pay up. Maybe for bowling or whatever activities, you can list it as a separate cost? Some people might not want to go especially it eats into their personal time and they have to fork out money for it! Since your manager wants something interesting, you definitely have to add in an activity at the end. Those who want to opt out can do so and it won't reflect badly on you (wait manager thinks you can't organise things!)

          Today saw the hippo tour. Maybe an interesting option for you!


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            hippo tour costs alot right?

            Activities and all are supposed to be separate cost..but she wants to include in to?

            and she still say bowling sounds good.......and she wants her 10$ to be divided for present, HER DINNER and could that be possible? and kept asking if there's budget..she thought company is paying! :Doh:

            i will do the email thing for sure...that's the 1st thing i thought of even before i post here...

            but today, im just trying to find out more as im new to working environment and i wonder how they usually go about doing it...

            all the colleagues said money is not a problem...only she.......

            commitment wise, they are the one who suggested to go for dinner as usually they take very short lunch, need to complete their work.....

            so my impression of all the feedbacks = dinner no problem, games no problem. only one colleague has objection. that is SHE.

            then she don't want to be left out and i don't want to leave her out as well. later she say why i organise such "Expensive" (to her context) activities and she unwillingly has to join in.

            so how?

            put yourself in my shoes. 10bucks it's not reasonable at all!

            im not trying to be nasty, nor am i trying to "keep insisting on the activities that i planned" know?

            ya i shall just list out the options, and see who vote for which more.

            i'll open another open w/o activities. if she opt for that, and only SHE opt for that. then sorry we can't accomodate.

            so i shall decide upon the majority ya.........

            thats the best...thanks


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              If she is the only one, best you include estimated costs in your email. So that she will know that company is not paying! To put it nicely, maybe can add cost per person estimated to be $$ and cake sponsored by Mr Manager. Then she won't join in the activites its her own issue, can't blame you for it.

              I agree, $10 with dinner and present and fun.....abit hard!! Bowling alone cost about that if you play 2 games?


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                cup, dun get angry over such a gal. You can send a email to everyone including her that expenses is not on company expenses. Include an itnerary and the costs.

                If she insists on spending $10 on all expenses, email to everyone that you suggest kopitiam coz xxx proposed bowling and bowling alone costs around $8. I am pretty sure that she will top it up.


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                  IIRC, the outting should be last friday right?

                  So how did it go, cUp? hope everything's under control ya~


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                    nope nope not last friday, its in 2 weeks time...oh i can't go for bowling again, because they'll be having bowling after the birthday week...

                    i think i'll just make-do with simple dinner...hee...i'll let you know ya! in 2 weeks time! i havent send out emails...still cracking my brain.........

                    thinking of something interesting to do, i was thinking of having a BBQ, but will it be troublesome? need my manager to drive around to collect those "meat" and satays...ahhaah...hmm


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                      We did mini golf at Sentosa for our last outing.. erm.. was fun.. until it started raining

                      I am planning to do Scavenger Hunt next round. Got to do a lot of planning for that one but I think it'll be fun

                      We have loads of "foreign talents" in my company, majority from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines and China. I am thinking of a scavenger hunt which will have questions touching on topics that involves the different culture/religion/ethnic groups. It'll be fun because we are supposed to involve everyone by having questions which only those specific few can answer - this way everyone can contribute and no one will feel left out.

                      My lady boss likes my idea but we have one big problem -- BOTH OF US WANT TO PLAY TOO! We won't be able to do that if we were to set all the questions right? :eh:

                      *PS: In case you are wondering, my company is doing IT stuff, not maid agency ya