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  • Do you cry when...

    Watching tv shows , movies , musics?

    Example : For me , watching shows on channel U "Zhen Qing" , sometimes there are some touching or sad parts accompanied by musics , I will automatically drop tears.

    what about you?

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    i will too!

    Last time when i used to visit old folks home, i left with tears dropping. Don't know why i felt sad but anyway i have a soft spot for elderly...


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      Not really. I find it funny most of the times. Yeah, I'm weird that way. The only times I get really sad are when I see bad things happen to children/babies. I get really worked up but seldom cry.


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        yes! i'm super ultra emotional and sensitive. i cry so easily and sometimes so hard! i can't control myself...


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          :eh: do you all felt relaxed after tears drop off?

          I do...


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            Yah, I am very emotional & cry easily... When I see shows or movies when someone dies or two persons force to break up, I will tear... But I usually blink & blink to blink back the tears so that no one will see.. Haha...


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              my tearing factor is high too.

              Watched Quill, cried 3/4 of show.....


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                i am super emotional, cried until my eyes were swollen when watching meteor gardens 1 haha


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                  yes for me too!

                  i get emotional very easily while watching those sad things on tv.

                  OT: charms: how's results?


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                    not too should ask yellowrachie what she got haha, that girl is a genius


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                      Yep sometimes I do get emotional when something picks a string in my heart.

                      Some songs are really sweet until you cry.I think there's an old song called " Love Me" but i forgot the artiste. Whenever I listen to it on the radio, I would get teary!


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                        better get all-weather radio ok?!


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                          Haha, I'm a crybaby when it comes to such shows too. Hmm, from what i can remember, the shows/movies which made me cry the most is
                          -A Walk to Remember (both novel & movie)
                          -Winter Sonata (korean drama)

                          Oh yeah, I think i cried a bit on Lord of the Rings, not so much that it's saddening or what, but more of its emotional intensity.


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                            stilafaux: it's by collin raye! that's one of my favourites too!

                            i cried at titanic too! and lord of the rings part 1 when gandolf fell into the ravine (can't really remember the place. ).

                            i think visual gets me emotional more easily.


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                              Originally posted by chiri

                              i think visual gets me emotional more easily.
                              Haha, I think me too. Music don't really, unless it's coupled with an equally touching tale. Since I'm quite an imaginative person, i get emotionally stirred up reading a very touching novel too, sometimes more so than visuals,ie watching movies.

                              Yeah that was the part in LOTR when I cried, when Gandalf fell off the ravine. Couldn't remember just now, the story was so long. I guess I also cried in those parts where some of the heros who fought bravely during the wars died in the end too.