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  • Iced chocolate

    chocolate drink lovers! i need your help here! haha.. i'm looking for a nice place that sells really nice iced chocolate or milkshakes. most of the places i have been to disappoints me as they either taste like milo or turn out to be rather bland.
    i'm craving for a really good chocolate drink now.

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    I used to love the ones at Olio Dome, but with their recent revamp image, everything has gone a lot more expensive and no more outdoor seating. Disappointing I would say.


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      i used to like coffee bean but it has been quite a while since i last drank it..wondering how does it taste like now..hmm..can't really recall what other places that serve really good rich iced chocolate now..but i would post my recommendations when it hits my mind ..


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        Hmm..secret recipe iced chocolate drink tastes like chocolate and it has chocolate sauce too. Yum.


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          Hot chocolate!

          Though this thread, it's about iced choc but i must rave this hot choc i found at an italian restaurant at Riverwalk - Ricciotti.

          Their hot chocolate is superb. It's different from the usual hot chocalate that we have at other cafe. Theirs is serve with thick melted heavenly chocolate in the cup and the frothed milk in a separate little jug. You decide how much of milk you like with your chocolate.

          To sum it up, it's the expresso version of hot chocs!


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            I've been drinking quite a lot of iced chocolate lately! So far the yummiest is from Coffee Club.

            For milkshakes, the Carl's Junior ones are thick and nice.


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              personally i feel that a good chocolate drink shouldn't be too milky or u taste more of milk than chocolatethe best i had was in was within a shopping center with jusco..
              i could taste pure chocolate!


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                Ooh... Iced chocolate.. my favorite drink of all! (I'm a chocolate dessert freak)

                My favorite places would have to be Pacific Coffee & Cedele (bakery depot).

                Used to like the one at starbucks but now find it too thick and rich for my liking.


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                  i quite like the iced cocoa from Starbucks!
                  hmm and the chocolate ice blended from Godiva.


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                    c\hocolate iced shake from Liquids Bar rockx!


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                      The best iced chocolate is from Spinelli's! Non-blended, small or medium size to get the best chocolate flavour!


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                        Hot/ice chocolate for mac is very sweet. I still finding the best place which sells hot and ice chocolate. Love it. Haha. Since i don't drink coffee


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                          Mac one is sweet, quite a lot of milk taste. quite like

                          coffee bean also quite a lot of milk taste. [cant rmb correctly]

                          starbucks one quite thick and bitter. [cant rmb correctly]

                          love 3 of them!