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    Where can I find recyling bins for paper? I've been looking around NUS but I can't find any - should I be trying my luck elsewhere? I have a lot of paper to recycle!

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    Me too! I actually emailed NUS about not having prominent-enough bins! Grrr. And considering we students probably use the most paper. :roll:

    Anyway, from the NUS site, here's a list of the recycling bins on campus (I haven't actually SEEN them myself...could be not updated):
    Paper recycling bins can be found also at the public places at the following locations:
    Foyer of Engineering Auditorium
    Foyer in front of LT 6
    SDE - AR3 2nd level (beside vending machine)
    SDE - AR3 4th level
    Former Administrative Building (4th level foyer)
    Foyer of LT 11
    Law Faculty (Corridor opposite Seminar Room 01-05)
    Foyer of Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library
    Foyer of S16
    Foyer in front of Medical Library

    Staff and student may also send waste paper directly to the Office of Estate & Development Building (next to University Cultural Centre) for recycling.
    I drove all the way to dump paper at the OED one night to only reach there and be locked out. :roll:

    Here's a link to places around SG where you can recycle paper but I think it is also not updated. >>

    Cos' after being locked out of the OED, I went down to Adam Rd on my way home and there's no recycling bin in the petrol kiosk. Gave up and went home and the bag of paper to be recycled is still sitting at my patio. :roll:

    What happened to the clean & green and recycling campaigns? They seem to have been forgotten.


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      Hey, thanks for the information geekchic! There was once recycling bins everywhere for paper, cans and glass (if I recall correctly), but people treated those receptacles as rubbish bins so the scheme was quickly scrapped.

      I've not seen a recycling bin anywhere in NUS myself (yet) - maybe I should keep all the paper in one corner for the next recycling drive.


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        how about petrol kiosks?

        I used to see a few there.
        Along orchard there used to be one around the centrepoint stretch right?

        I've never seen any in NUS tho!
        For me I'm lucky cuz my estate provides recycling boxes for every house and the bins are just downstairs!


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          I discovered a paper recycling bin at the NUS law faculty today!

          It's located outside the Computer Lab, which is on the same floor as the Student Counter. It's an inconspicuous little bin with a paper slot wide enough for about 15 A4 papers (or so I reckon) - they probably made the slot narrow so people won't throw can drinks / cigarette butts in.


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            i think the list geekchick posted might be quite updated. saw a small paper recycling bin @ SDE AR3 2nd level (near the male toilet)


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              Recycling Centres

              Does anyone know of any recycling centres in Singapore? I have a couple of glass bottles and small plastic pieces which I'll love to send down in person. I'm not keen on dropping them into recycling bins (mainly because the bins I always pass by never seem to be emptied!). Thanks everyone!