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How to prevent losing voice?

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  • How to prevent losing voice?

    Hi...I just started teaching and am losing my voice fast from all the shouting...
    Any suggestions on how I can preserve my voice? is there any effective thing that I can take...? pls help..thanks!

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    periwinkles, welcome to CozyCot.

    Stop shouting. Seriously! Have you been provided with one of those portable microphone thingies? Most schools seem to supply them these days. If you shout in order to get the attention of the students, it's worth investigating other means of doing that. Ring a bell or blow a whistle. Use your voice only when you really have to.

    (When my students talk while I'm talking, I would suddenly stop and stare at them until they shut up (or their friends tell them to), but this would probably not work with kids!)


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      periwinkle, I lost my voice for a few days after teaching the first lesson! Mainly because the lesson was held outdoor and I had no idea I could use whistle. Subsequently, this is what I do to my kids.

      On the very first or first few lessons, I would tell my kids, whenever I raise one finger up, it means that they are too noisy and they will also need to raise their finger and keep quiet.

      So whenever they see me raising my finger and stare at them, they will quiet down. Of course, there are a few monkeys who didn't see and still continue blabberring away. But the others sitting beside him would ask him stop because their own hands will get sore.



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        thanks for yr suggestions...

        but do u all take any food to nourish/sooth yr throat? Like Pi Pa Gao or anything else? I tried using whistle.. doesn't work on those students.. thus have to shout.. Think the voice thing might be here to stay....

        Does honey work?


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          take some honey with warm water every morning babe. it helps


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            I'm also starting to lose my voice too ..


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              Taking pi pa gao & honey do help to soothe the throat. You can also get from the chinese medical shop some luo han guo herbal tea to drink too.


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                drinking honey will sooth ur throat.


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                  Drink honey water.
                  My grandmother swears by Pi Pa Gao.


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                    Am currently trying both...the honey I am taking is the cube kind...
                    But not much improvement.. am wondering if there are any other 'cures'? hehe..

                    Heard some swearing by some kind of honey..some kind that starts with "M"? Is that better?

                    Suggestions pls!.... and oh...thanks for being all so nice, all of u...


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                      Originally posted by saresha
                      (When my students talk while I'm talking, I would suddenly stop and stare at them until they shut up (or their friends tell them to), but this would probably not work with kids!)
                      I have tried this method with children from 7 years to 12 years, and I'm happy to say that it works. But I must add that it works *a lot* better with older children.

                      Originally posted by periwinkles
                      Heard some swearing by some kind of honey..some kind that starts with "M"? Is that better?
                      Are you thinking of manuka honey? You can google on this and find tons of info about it.

                      I personally turn to Propolis when I get a really, really bad sore throat/cough, so I can't offer any advice on manuka honey. Sorry.


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                        Manuka Honey is more expensive because of its anti-septic properties which is supposedly good for curing sore throats and can be used to dab onto pimples too.

                        A relative of mine who is very prone to sore throat swears by Herbalife Alo Vera drink. Haven't tried it before myself though.


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                          since your 'lost' voice is due to shouting, you can try honey as suggested. I got mine from nature farm.Made in australia. It is much cheaper than manuka, i think. Plus no perservatives & expiry dates. Those natural honey, does not need to store in fridge. Leave it outside in cool place is OK. You can try honey & lemon. My colleagues recommend me for my sore throats.

                          You can get try those by pi gao sweets. Should be pi gao brand.
                          or, robbitus (wrong spell) with honey in centre. I love it when i am in sore thorat state.

                          Now i am taking bottled birdnests. Chilled it in fridge is best!
                          sigh..i have been sleeping late daily for few weeks since CNY and i got dry cough problem since then. weird thing is, i cough much during the nights, daytime ok. went to consult doc for 3 x still not throat seems to itch and dry everynight. so tried birdnest *** from other cotters that some of them found, cooling..which i found is quite true. After i finished the 4th bottle, i got coughing everything stops. At night, try to avoid eating chocolates or heaty foods, it may helps. Found that after eating this, the symptom comes back...i think i must be getting my age.

                          oh, aloe vera juice i tried before. Not herballife. Forgot what brand. Took that long time ago. It helps for those who has heaty body and always fall sick. Just take 1 teaspoon/tablespoon, mixed with water and drink, or you can try take it straight. Some may be turn off by the smell. But different brands, smell intensity do differ.

                          Take care and happy teaching


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                            wheekwheek, u tried taking vitamin C pills? Esp since they contain anti-oxidant, vitamin C helps to enhance body's resistant to diseases. I had persistent dry cough for about 2 months, I gradually recover from the cough after taking vitamin C everyday.


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                              yeah..i tried vit C didnt works well for me..but it did prevent me from getting sick of flu every 2 mths...later i turn scotts cod liver oil. I felt that it is much stronger than the vit. C i consumed.. so on and off i took..scared i will go grow fat..

                              I guess must be the weather hot and humid nowadays..hmm..