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Fisherman's Wharf @ Riverside Point

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    Oh... hmm always look very crowded... like very difficult to get seats...
    Only the 1st floor right? upstairs is another restaurant?

    Originally posted by Regina
    yes you do


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      oooh... happy to have found this thread.
      i've been wanting to try out this place for a long long long time. everytime i'm on a bus that passes by, i'd stretch my neck to look for the shop name, and then try to remember it. apparently my memory is bad, never managed to find out more about the shop once i got off the bus.

      yay! shall go fish-n-chipping with my colleagues or gfs very soon
      maybe must bring along a can of mozzie repellent too. given the recent dengue-scares, i'm surprised the shopowner is not the least concerned about the mosquito issues.

      nonetheless, good food precedes!


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        i want to rant about this fisherman wharf !! I brought my BF there for dinner today. and the moment we stepped in, we are shocked. it says CASH PAYMENT ONLY. both of us has less than $5 combined in cash. we thought it is supposed to be a restaurant, should have card payment.
        But alas, it did not even have NETS !!!
        and we asked the staff where is the nearest ATM, she told us it is at FUNAN center !! so far away !!
        but the time we walk to FUNAN and back again, think we could have starved....
        find it ridiculous, how can they be so back-in-time and operate like a KOPITIAM payment by cash only when the whole place likes so nice like a restaurant.............nowadays, people usually do not bring so much cash on hand..............
        even mac donald can pay by EZLink card even if you do not have cash...!

        in the end, we give it a miss....and with the hot & dry weather, we decide not to eat there...we went Brewerks instead and had beer with sausages & pizza !!


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          true it's a hassel that they do not accept nets trans. but ever wonder what's the reason behind it?
          and i dont find it restaurant as well. they're just a small shop, not air-cond, affordable price, nice food.. $6.90 for fish&chip is consider cheap for it's quality(not sure about now, i went last year). and the quantity is not small, i shared with my bf. and my gf have problem finishing it.

          personally dont bring much cash out as well. but as a guy, i think it's better to bring keep some extra in the pocket.
          as for the Nets, think they're trying to keep the cost. if they're going to install the Nets machine, i'm sure the price is going to increase.
          setback for me is the location. so far..


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            Originally posted by pinkdewy
            Don't have the tel...
            But the location is directly opposite SOHO.
            Same stretch as Just Steak.
            There's no air conditioning in the shop...
            ermm whre is this?


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              They basically served fish & chips, fish & chips & fish & chips!

              Nothing else!

              oki.. maybe a few side orders like.. bread and butter? coleslaw? that's about it!

              no soup, no calarmari, no oysters, no desserts

              its REALLY just fish and chips.... n if it makes u abit happier, its different types of fish and chips (which isnt really that much of a difference in taste in my view)

              as there were 4 of us, we decided to order the 4 different types of fish on the menu and share a chicken fingers.

              Due to some miscommunication, we apparently ordered 5 different types of fishes... n even the cream dory fillet ( i duno if it had the same effect on u .... but it sounded to me like it'll be some grilled fillet with creamy sauce...)... turned out to be...

              honestly doesnt matter which one i show u first coz aside from the shape they basically look the same to me and taste more or less the same.. the last pic is a combination of all the fish after we cut each dish into 4.

              if i recall correctly .. one's snow fish... one's sole fish... one's dory.. cant remember the rest... basically just fish & chips la!

              *disappointing oki*

              Truth be told, Fish & Co.'s fish and chips is much much nicer.... though im not much of a fish n chips person to begin with.. i usually order the platter when i'm there

              next time we pass by the restaurant (its actually located right opposite Clarke Quay MRT station), all desires and yearns for the place would have died....

              i mean, seriously, i feel that rather den spending time on coming up with all the different different type of sauces for the food.....

              (i think one's tar tar, one's mayo, one's curry mayo or mustard and cant remember)

              or even coming up with different variety of fries by calling them chips (which they basically LOOK VERY SIMILAR)

              i specially put the 2 together into a basket.. can anyone really see substantial difference?? (though honestly the chips aka fresh cut potatoes, taste better), the fries are ok as well...

              point is, do u honestly need 2 varieties of fries???

              cant u just haf more variety in ur main course and probably add in some dessert?

              the decor of the place was alright....

              no air-con... but one of my friend complained abt the uncomfy chairs.

              surprisingly for such an ulu place, it was pretty packed. for a weekday night... probably many working class wld pass by that place after work before going over to the mrt station.

              Price wise it was ok i guess... the different fish n chips were priced from $6.50 to $14.50 ( i think). The total bill (inclusive of 4 cans of drinks) came up to $62. n oh... they ONLY accept cash n nets.. (how kuku is that????)

              Having said that, i'm not saying that their food is not nice though after visiting it once, it doesnt create that great an impression to make me wana go back there again. Its not very convenient and the menu lacks variety in my opinon. Can give it a try if you're interested.


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                Originally posted by soroki
                ermm whre is this?
                alight at clark quay mrt station..
                its directly across the road when u exit the station...


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                  Went there last weekend and had Atlantic Cod

                  Always felt the Cod is great as Fish n' Chips, was proven right again this time.
                  Other kinds of fish like Plaice and Flounder are also used for the Fried Fish. Although these are more expensive, nothing beats Cod Fish for that authentic taste and texture.

                  Hawker Centre type of Fish n' Chips also just doesn't make the cut.

                  Anyway, I query the waitress about the difference between fries and chips.

                  Fries is fried longer and is more crispy.
                  Therefore Chips has a more starchy taste as it's fried in lesser amount of time.


                  Overall, I would still patronise this outlet even though it's not air conditioned as this is as close as one can get close to authentic Fish n Chips in town.

                  BTW, the same dish in Seah Street Deli (Raffles Hotel) also cannot make the cut...


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                    ooh.. my fave is the snow fish..
                    the meat is really flaky and "light"...
                    kinda have the refreshing fresh fish taste..
                    hee.. not very good at describing..


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                      There is this totally awsome little diner near the Easton town Center that has the best beef noodles and the guy who owns the diner is such a sweet heart.


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                        Droool... All the descriptions of the fish and chips is making me hungry! I also passed by there quite a few times, but never got to try yet. So its no air-con and no nets, gotta take note of that. Will be back with reviews!


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                          In the end I went there for dinner yesterday. The fish and chips of dory fillet is just $6.50, I think its all right for the portion. Can drinks at $2 each. They also serve oysters and meatballs as well as fried battered chicken, and I fell in love with the chicken more than the fish! There is also no service charges.

                          I'll go back again some day when craving for it, cannot eat so often, its all fried!


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                            The fish and chips starts from $6.50 for dinner? Wanted to try them but didn't have the chance to. Always thought $6.50 was for lunch only
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                              Went there yesterday and was a 'lil disappointed. wasn't that great. We tried 3 different types of fish and i'd say that amongst what we had, the snow fish was the best ($14.50 IIRC), followed by the $6.50 Dory cream. This other type of fish that cost $11.50 and was from the cod family wasn't really tasty. Overall i'd say that the seats were not really comfortable but the food, though not too bad, was not that great. The $6.50 Dory is the really worth it one IMO...