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    Just curious if any cotters have signed up for this service? Most of the channels offered on digital TV are similar to the ones on cable but I do like E channel. Still wondering if it's worth it.


    PS Not sure if I posted in the right forum, could one of the mods move this thread if it should be somewhere else? TIA!

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    i have it, and e entertainment is really good for the times where there's nothing interesting on any other channels. only downside is that they keep repeating their programmes!
    but digital cable is very convenient, they have their programme guide installed in and it's easier to check the schedules of the many channels they have, instead of poring over the tv guide.


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      I just subscribed for it. It's very cool! Had a free preview to ALL the channels for about a month or so. Not sure if it was an on-going promotion. There were so many channels for me to watch, I could sit in front of the TV the whole day.

      Digital TV has quite a few channels that are not available on the normal SCV box, but some of these channels are actually very expensive so not very worth getting also. IMO. Channel 255 is free, but it's the same shows you get on Channel 55 except the shows on 255 are shown 3hours after those on 55 so in case you miss you channel 55 shows or you don't like the timings, then this would be good.

      I like the mosaic tv. The programme guide and synopsis available on the digital box is also very user-friendly. Overall, I would say it's quite worth it, since the difference is only $4 for the digital box per month. You don't have to pay for exchange of the box too. Just have to bring it down to Starhub customers service centre.

      ps: ae260, i'm angie too. hehe. so now i know another 'angie'.


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        so it's worth getting huh? There's a roadshow at Suntec convention center until March 27 where you can just bring down your analog box set, remote & cable and they'll swap it for you on the spot for free. If you subscribe to one of the groups under the digital tier, I think they waive the box set rental for the first box set.

        Which digital tier chanel did both of you opt for? I'm interested in entertainment & will also probably get health/living group for my mum since she's a health nut.


        :wave: superstar angie, there are a couple of angies on CC. Love your avatar, you have cute kids!


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          Hahaha.. those 2 are not my kids but my very adorable nieces (actually my cousin's kids). Their dad is spanish. I only just graduated from NTU. So still quite young.

          My dad got the discovery channels. 70, 71 and 72 i think.

          Actually u can just bring it to any Starhub shop to exchange your analog box. It's free. I called to check before doing the swap, and I exchanged mine at the Starhub shop at Plaza Singapura.


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            i have it too. mine is the entertainment range. i love e entertainment when i'm totally bored out of my mind. the internal tv guide thing is really great and useful!
            however, digital tv runs alittle slower than the normal screenings - about 2 - 4 seconds slower. i know that as sometimes when i'm watching tv in my room (no digital tv), and my dad is watching the same stuff outside, i keep hearing the sounds from his tv echoing mine. it gets real irritating!