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  • Mortgage Brokers?

    seeking for some advice..

    My dad is looking to refinace a private condomium.
    As the interest rate on the loan's quite high at the time we took up the loan from a local bank.

    Anyone have any experience with mortgage brokers ?
    Do they really know which banks have the lowest interest rates on housing loans?
    Are their advice really in the interests of their clients..or biase for their own wallets?


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    PM me if you are interested. My family just did a refinancing and are happy with our broker. What he did was to get a few quotes from the banks and present to us and some of the interest rates is better from what you will get compared to if you just deal with the bank directly yourself.

    From what I understand, he's an independent broker -- ie has contacts with all/most of the major banks and will act in your best interest.


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      i can provide you with all the banks interest as i am a mortgage loan specialist! just pm you xev