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how to do a email newsletter?

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  • how to do a email newsletter?

    i don't know whether this is the right place to post this topic.

    but can anyone teach me how to make email newsletter like those that singnet sends to their subscribers regularly.

    is there a webby whereby i can pick a template n just write on it?

    i don't need it to work, just need a page to show as my homework n i m just so lousy at it.

    can someone help?

    tia a lot!!!!

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    i don't really understand your question cuz you want to make an email newsletter yet you don't need it to work? :huh:

    info from

    How to create a simple html email

    1. Open your favorite html editor ie FrontPage 2000, Dreamweaver 4 or MX (you can also use MS Word 97 or 2000 but it tends to bloat the code a little) to create your email.

    2. Always use absolute URLS for your graphics
    (ie )

    3. Graphics (ie images, icons, fancy fonts) must be stored on a
    web server to correctly appear in email software - you could
    save it as an attachment, however most folks will not open the
    attachment especially (and delete it) if it's from someone they
    don't know.

    If you don't want to use graphics, you can use colored tables
    for different sections (ie header, masthead, contact information
    and footers).

    4. Name and save the page you have created (ie htmlemail.htm).

    5. Open your Email Software - in outlook express (since it's the
    most popular) go to create mail - insert - text from file -
    scroll to your saved html page.

    You are now ready to send your html email.

    6. Email a test to yourself before your send it to your
    subscriber list. You may want to send it to your friends who
    have different email programs so you can be sure most of your
    subscribers can read it on their computers.

    7. Once you have created an attractive html page or newsletter,
    save it as a template. Now you can just open the template
    whenever you want to send html mail and most of the work will be done for you.


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      yup, this is what i need.

      thanx a lot!! =)