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    Been approached by them when you came out from MRT, alighting at bus terminal or maybe while you are walking they come up to you and stop you?

    I was really fed up with them! Those carrying out surveys asking you the followings:

    1) Working or Studying
    2) Do you save in the bank?
    3)How much you save per month? And do you know the interest the banks offer you? etc.....

    Actually i don't really mind doing it for them. But obviously not being approached to do the same surveys for AIA(1x), Prudential (5x), Great Eastern(2x).

    The most irritating part is yesterday. When i pass by Tampines Bus Terminal, one guy approached me whereby he did not introduce himself at all! The following conversation:
    Me: Are you from prudential?
    Him: Hmm.. yea. Why?
    Me: I did this for many times.
    Him: (Gave me a piss off look, and slap me back by answering) then? But you have not done it with me before? This is the most angry part!!
    Me: ok, then carry on.
    Him: With all the above qns.
    Me: Answered impatiently, after 3 qns, i shoot him off by saying that i've a similar plans with AIA.
    Him: Ok, but do i have a planner? or agent?
    Me: YES.

    And finally he allow me to move on. How can i reject all this?

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    Just ignore them. Once you've been to China or some developing country where there are beggars suddenly coming up to you who, short of snatching your purse and running of with it, still ask for money persistently, you learn quickly.

    I never answer surveys. More precisely, I don't answer questions for which I am not paid. No, I don't believe in insurance policies except for maybe health insurance.


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      i second aphrael; i ignore most people who stop me in my way if i don't know them be they MLM, survey, so-called talent scouts. i don't mind doing surveys but not if they try to sell me something in the end which is what often happens so if i'm in a good mood to listen to them but they try to sell me something, i'll have no qualms about saying no thanks nicely but firmly and just walk off. or just give a fake telephone no.

      if i were you in this instance, i'll ask for his namecard and complain. he's asking you for a favour and has no business being so rude!


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        Usually I do not answer surveys unless I'm sitting there waiting for someone and they come and approach me. Once I did it for this guy who insisted that he is not from any insurance agency and even ask for my number so that he can get the money from his boss to ensure that its not a bogus form. Horrors of all horrors, when the person who interviewed me called me 2 weeks later to sell me insurance (I ask him for his name). I shot him and said: I thought you are a surveyor only? How can you abuse my number when you promised not too? If you call again or circulate my number, trust me I'll complain you to your boss and all relevant departments!

        The second one was by those timeshares holidays. Did a favor seeing the girl was so young, turn out that they want us to go to those seminar. Its all so fake, you will win a lucky dip and all the other surveyors will jump out and congratulate you with big eyes saying that you are oh so lucky :roll:

        From then on, I never ever ever answer anymore surveys, no matter how young the surveyor or how free I am


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          Most of the time, i will ignore. But there really some who's is hard up that they BLOCK your way. That's him yesterday!! I think in future, i need to stand firm and just ignore them firmly!!


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            I hate those shopping survey people. One of them followed me all the way from Paragon to Centrepoint even though i kept saying NO firmly. They are pesky, rude lot, and worse still..they will tell you that you won a prize or something..which is a big HOAX.


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              I normally just ignore them and if they do persist, I will just put my hand in their face, that's it! I believe that if you just stop for a moment or even hesitate, they can sense that you are a potential target thus will just be relentless with their questions.


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                I did get caught once for the timeshare holiday deal. Was quite an experience of its own. Feel very sad for those who signed up. They played ALL kinds of psychology games in order to have you sign up their ridiculous priced plans.

                Apart from that, I did sit down once to answer a survey from NUS student doing her FYP.

                Other than answering her questions, I ended up pointing out to her errors in the survey structure, etc etc. Occupational hazard..

                How could her prof let her go out to seek street survey when the questions are erraneously numbered, ill structured???


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                  Apparently these survey ppl have been persisting via PHONE friend got a call from one of these ppl and told her that she won a trip to Thailand..then she tried to test themby asking them to fax her a confirmation that she won it ..and the girl on the other end started pretending not to understand what she was saying and suddenly said "'re not able to go is it?? you want to give to your friend is it?" and my friend was like"nono..i just want you to FAX it in writing to me that i have won the holiday..which part of that do you not understand?"and the girl kept saying very if her 'boss was next to her or something "oh..sorry you can't give to your friend..goodbye then!!" and quickly hung up the phone..


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                    stardust, that's interesting. so far i've not came across any. and if there's any i'd try this out..
                    and for the shopping surveyor(s).. i wonder why the boss have so much fund! always see them crowding along HMV to the fable building.

                    i believe there's some sincere survey people out there which you could help. say, put yourself in their shoe. what if you're working so hard and no one stop for response?
                    once i was waiting for my bf, and this guy (don't know from where) approach me. thinking that since i'm waiting, might as well kill time by helping him. it's those saving plan and CPF stuffs. i think he had a good time giggling and laughing about me. coz i told him, i still a student and not working, how to save? don't even have enough money to spend..
                    and when my bf is back, he just say thanks for your time and bye.

                    not quite bad, right. but agree those are difficult to come across.


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                      Actually i used to feel sorry for them..thats why i agreed to do their survey before..but in the end they told me i 'won' a prize..and when i asked them for details i felt they didn't make sense so i just got angry and walked off...such a waste of my time. and later on had a lot of instances with them following and badgering me nonstop even when i POLITELY told them no thank you...i have nothing against the insurance/bank ppl coz they are not that bad..i just don't like the shopping survey folks.


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                        My tactic to treat these people : IGNORE THEM AND SAY NO!!!

                        Sorry, I am very mean but with the different people haunting at the same place everyday, does it mean that we have to do it everytime we pass by? No way man!! :booty:


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                          second what bee said; i feel no remorse for being rude to them. in the first place, they should have just found a decent job


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                            Re: Street Surveys carried out by Insurance Co

                            Originally posted by Jess

                            Him: (Gave me a piss off look, and slap me back by answering) then? But you have not done it with me before? This is the most angry part!!
                            Me: ok, then carry on.
                            Gosh! I would love to slap that guy in the face if he did that to me!
                            Plus no one is obliged to stop and do their survey. He said it like you owed him!

                            Personally, I haven't encountered such things, I would simply smile and walk away.

                            Only my SO is accomadating enough to do their survey. Once the surveyor kept trying to promote their investment plans. But he in turned questioned the surveyor about their investment plans, and simply answered her that their plans are not high-risk enough for him! Then he started comparing how much better he would invest in stocks rather than in their plans. And she finally backed off.


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                              Bee: Yup..totally agree..i pass by the sameplace everytime i walk home..and everytime i get hounded by them...someone should ban these ppl and at least teach them to have manners when asking ppl to do them a is so unglam of them already to be begging ppl from one end of orchard road to another. :roll: