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  • Kids Educational, musical, songs CDs/DVDs


    I'm staring this thread so that mommies can discuss anything about educational, songs CDs/DVDs ranging from where to get it, how much is it, how your kids like it and would like to recomend to others or even what's in the CDs/DVDs.

    To start, I would like to recommend this particular DVD by The Wiggles - Yummy Yummy & Wiggle Time!" (2 Videos on 1 DVD). It has great catchy songs and dance. Hardly much talking at all which I guess that's why my 1y.o loves so much about. My 1y.o is very impatient and I guess she can't be bother trying to understand program that blabs on and she would just walk away.
    It was given to me as a present for the kids. I have few more of their DVDs but none as good as this (judging by my kids' reaction).

    Please note, you'll need to have a multi-region DVD player to play The Wiggles' DVDs if purchase from Australia though.

    Meanwhile I'm looking for some educational CDs for 5-6 y.o which as a good mixture of subjects such as English, Chinese, Maths...etc and it has to be interactive (I think most are like that nowadays), can anyone recommend me some and please tell me place to get them and the price roughly.

    BTW do National libraries lend out educational CDs??


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    great thread GG!

    i bought wiggles but my 1.5 yr old doesn't like it. :eh:

    6 mths to now : mother goose nursery rhymes
    6 to 14 mths : baby songs - she's a bit sick of it already
    10 mths to now : signing times
    12 mths to now : hi5
    18 mths : trying to introduce barney but she doesn't seem to like him!


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      Both my boys love Mothergoose even till now, 3 yrs old. I've got 2 sets and planning to buy the other 2..

      Other stuff they love :

      Hi5, Totoro.

      Baby lovesssssss Teletubbies.. he will laugh and giggle whenever he watches it since 4 months old I find it amazing to see him laugh till screeching sound comes out..

      Hmm.. the rest will be Jellabies which my baby fears but my older kid love, barney, Blues Clues and the list goes on.. Too many to mention


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        Originally posted by Moo
        ............i bought wiggles but my 1.5 yr old doesn't like it.... :eh:

        Yeah my 1 y.o only like 1 of their many DVDs... She doesn't like anything that talks alot. Neither she appreciate cartoons.

        My eldest love Hi-5 since 9 months old but not this little one. It'a funny how not all Kids DVDs/CDs are appealing to kids themselves.

        How is Mothergoose like?? Songs, dance by human or is it, animation or with charaters like mascot kind of thing?


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          My gal's all time favourite is Teletubbies....ever since she's like 3 mths old? She watched them over and over again until she knows the sequence and story of every single vcd! But I'm not in favour of her watching that cos I don't find them educational at all.

          She also likes Barney, Seseme Street and the cartoon version of Mr Bean! .....I ever bought a Wiggles for her, but she doesn't like it.

          Anyone knows where I can buy audio cds of children songs like itsy bitsy spider, ba ba black sheep etc? Been trying to find them but most are sung by adults and the rhythm is so far away from the originals and classics.


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            GG, littlelambie, that would be the mother goose series. it comes in a pack with 4 books, an audio cd, a vcd and a finger puppet. there are 4 packs altogether. maybe just buy 1 to try and see whether your child/children like it. different packs are for different age groups. i bought it from popular at wisma and have also seen it at popular toa payoh, one pack costs $39.90. borders is slightly more expensive at $49.90. this is the series

            i love the finger puppets and the songs. personally don't find the vcd anything fantastic but my daughter loves it to pieces.


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              Thanks that I've seen the pic....yes I do recall seeing that before. Will pop by Popular tmr and take a the one Borders selling exactly the same as Popular? $10 difference? Wow......


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                yep, popular and borders are selling exactly the same ones.....borders is terribly ex.


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                  Great thread GG. I had been hunting for good CDs/VCDs for my 3 month old baby.. Will post review soon..


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                    Thanks moo for the Popular bookstore link... shall browse around too.

                    I'll check out the libraries and will post back as well.


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                      I highly recommend the Richard Scarry cartoon series, as well as Hi5


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                        Mag, I love Richard Scarry's cartoons. Couldn't get enough of them and I was still watching them when I was at uni

                        The cable service here has Playhouse Disney Channel and that's all my 16-month-old niece watches. She seems to like The Wiggles and The Book of Pooh lots. I am not sure if I'll let my baby watch that much TV though. Maybe till she's at least 2 years old?

                        Anyway, I can't stand Barney and Teletubbies so I don't think I will let my baby watch them....hehehee... :booty:


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                          MY daughter is a fan of barney only. She likes Elmo but would choose Barney anytime.


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                            Great thread, i have been looking for some audio CD with books for my little boy so he will have something to do when he is not sleeping.

                            Side track a little, i cant remember where i have read an articles regarding dont not let children watch too much TV as watching TV it will stimulate their brain too much and will affect the normal growth rate. Which infuture it will create behaviour problem and some other mental related problem which i cant really remember now. Has anyone come across this ?

                            How long do you think is appropriate to let a child watching TV for a day?


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                              My gal recently found another fav.....Dora the Explorer. I find their series educational too!