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  • Thai cuisine!

    where's your favourite outlet for thai cuisine?

    i'm totally addicted to the green curry from thanying express at taka square!

    and of cause, the mango salad!

    thai express is not as nice as thanying express imo. hungry again!

    any nice food to recommend on the thai cusine menu?

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    Just discovered First Thai place at Purvis Street. Food is excellent - very homestyle kind of cooking.

    Only drawback is that the ambience isn't exactly fantastic (think coffeeshop). However, just for the good food, I'm prepared to sacrifice the comfort of airconditioning.


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      i like the way they cook their food.... i had steamed prawns with coconut gravy with a some eggs on top... forgot whats the dish name but i had it in thailand. very nice. i like the grilled praws too. and i like mango rice dessert.


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        For thai food, I love going to paddyfield & lemon grass. I simply can't resist tom yam soup.


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          i always wanted to try out the mango rice, but i'm always too greedy and end up ordering too much food for myself. so ended up without desserts.

          tried it for tea while i was on attachment, but i find it too filling. i'm so picky! haha!

          Dimples: where's Purvis street? i don't mind eating good food without the air con!

          there was this once me and my friend was treated to superb thai food at one of the reataurants at seah street! the glass noodles taste was

          bebelatte: have never eaten at lemon grass, how's the charges like?

          always walked pass when i go to hereen. and the smell's *drools*! i like tom yum too! the clear one is


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            chiri, Purvis street is behind Seah Street. This Thai place is directly opposite the famous Chin Chin Coffee Shop. HTHs.


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              no wonder the name sounds a bit familiar.

              thanks babe! will see if SO has the time to go all the way there after my exams.


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                lemongrass 's food is not bad . i like thai express green curry.


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                  in Goldenmille plaza got one nice thai food ,real thai food ,just a small place down there very busy on sunday , i like their fried rice and songtam(mango salad)


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                    i've only tried thai express and Siam kitchen. prefers thai express though. maybe i should try out others. but i'm stubborn and lazy.

                    probably i don't really like thai cusine and the reason i go thai express is their fried noodles with crunchy peanuts and curry. full enough for me w/o appetizer and dessert.
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                      There is this Parkway Thai Restaurant in Centrepoint, think is at the basement, not too sure. Food is pretty good. Love the tom yum soup. It's the real deal, sour and spicy. Thinking about it now makes me crave for it.


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                        I like Yingthai (spelling?) which is also on Purvis Street. It is more Thai Teochew style, but the food is fab! Love the olive rice, and crispy fish with the spicy tangy dip and deceptively clear tom yam which packed a punch


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                          i Yingthai also.. i find it the best thai restaurant i have patronise so far.. Love the stuffed chicken wing, cripsy fish, pineapple rice!!There are two yingthai restaurants along the same stretch of road, i think its the same..but i normally go to the further away one..

                          For the parkway thai: they have two branches, one in centrepoint and one in parkway..the parkway is just renovated.. They served a quite value for money lunch buffet. With pineapple rice, fried kway teow, chicken, prawns or crabs, lots of vegetables, tom-yam soup.. and many more thai desserts..

                          As for lemongrass, i find their standard has dropped. The prices are quite resonable..we always finish the koropok there. Sometimes uob cards will have promotion for lemongrass. chiri, if you have uob cards either credit or debit, keep a lookout for the voucher.

                          First Thai: is a a place where you can get decent cheap thai food.. i love its clear tom yam soup..i think their mango rice dessert is their hot favourite dessert, saw alot of people ordering, i didn't try it cause allergy to mango..


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                            the koropok at siam kitchen is

                            i wanted to buy a packet back to eat in office while i was on attachment.

                            personally, i think the fried chicken wings they serve at thai express is quite nice. maybe due to the sweet sauce? hee!

                            shall try out the chicken wings at other thai restaurants.


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                              O you mean we can purchase just the koropok from siam kitchen just like this?

                              I simply love thai stuffed chicken wings with the sweet sauce..yummy!! ..shall go try out the ones at thai express.