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David Blaine: Street Magic

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  • David Blaine: Street Magic

    Have you had a magic exposed? Watched Blaine's levitation, I searched for his magic tricks.

    This website has the trick revealed,, if you are interested.

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    Thanks for the great link! I'm going to try it out, and see if I can impress/scare my family, ha ha ha!

    I'm actually interested in his "dead bird" trick, which the website didn't seem to have. I'm can't quite elaborate how the trick went in detail because I watched it some time ago -what I do remember was that he held a dead bird in his hand, and after waving his hand a few times over the dead bird, it got up and flew away! I wonder how he did that.


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      I actually got an ebook on all his magic trick. His dead fly trick is done by freezing the fly.
      Not sure how he done the chicken head trick though.


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        yup, I saw the part when he was floating.. He's really amazing!