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    I am thinking of going to Yunnan (Kun ming) for a visit in May.
    Anyone been there before. Can give me advice on whether it's worth going?

    A little worried abt the toilets there.. Are they ok?

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    May is annual "flower season"... I think there'll be event like international flower exhibition...

    YunNan isn't that easy to travel around. Are u joining tour group?

    Scenary is great !

    Toilet wise . . . Best = mobile toilet at Yu4 long2 xue3 shan1 (snow mountain) ... Clean & Fully automated
    Worst = toilet with no doors at petrol kiosk. No toilet bowls, just a drain. No flushing system too. ...


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      Thanks shuwei for the info!

      When did u go to Yunnan? Was it recently?
      Just thinking whether the toilet conditions have changed.

      Am planning on a trip to kun ming with focal travel. A group tour for 5 days in case I cannot take the toilet conditions..hahaha!

      It will cost me S$ 599 . Reasonable?


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        ehh...about 3 ..4 years back.

        $599 is cheap!

        Kunming only? Then maybe toilet will be in better condition. The make-do toilets are normally along the journey to certain sightseeing spots. In sightseeing spots, toilets are ok.


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          I went to Yunnan and it's wonderful! Remember to visit the Stone Forest. And there's this place with hills of rainbow soil. :wow: Don't exactly remember whether it's in the Kunming territory... The scenery is great! Food not bad also. I went to the flower exhibition last time.

          Toilet should be okay ***... Because I never took notice of them. So most should be okay ***. I didn't go toilet outside while at Yulong Xue Shan though... I think $599 is cheap!!


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            It's reassuring to know abt the toilet.. Thanks Pynkalita and Shuwei!

            I think I will be going

            I guess the price is slightly cheaper as Focal Travel is not that big an agency.. compared to chan brothers and the rest. More established names.

            Will be going to stone forest, dragon gate and the likes..


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              I travelled to Yunnan in 1997. IMO, it?s defintely easier to book tours rather than travel alone. Joining a tour is less of a hassle as you do away with lotsa planning. Also, I remember for most part of the trip, I traveled in a bus, ranging from 2-6 hours (Lijiang to Dali) just to visit a site.

              For sanitary amenities, don?t expect anything at all on a roadtrip! I remember clearly from one of the trips where we had a ?toilet break? The toilets are just cubicles with no doors out in the wild. So you see a hole dugged in the centre and can practically see what's in it! Well?not for the faint-hearted I must say and I don?t wish to elaborate on what I saw Have an umbrella with you so that you really need to go, at least you do have an umbrella to cover yourself.

              In Dali, we visited the Three Pagodas (San Ta Si), watch some cultural show featuring San Bei Cha (loosely translated 3 cups of tea), Erhai Lake and also the Ancient Dali Town.

              Lijiang is situated in a valley close to an impressive mountain: the ?Jade Dragon Snow Mountain? (Yu Long Xue Sha). Over here in Lijian, you can also visit the Old Town. In this Old Town, you can also find a ?Western Street? where there are many foreign backpackers staying there.

              In Kuming, we visited the Stone Forest and a village where we can understand the many different tribes found in Yunan

              This is the best that I can remember. It?s been also 8-9 years and excuse my fuzzy memory! I was young then but I enjoyed myself very much. Yunan is truly worth a visit for its breathtaking scenery. I spent about 10 days in Yunan before I went off to visit my relatives at Mud Building (?Tu-Lo?) in Fujian.

              Here are some pictures that I took and scanned. Enjoy!

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                Wow.. Thanks for the pictures raebelasian!

                Looking forward to me trip too..hahaha!


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                  I went there last year...can't remember much but I went to all the places mentioned by raebelasian. The toilets are horrible doors and stinky!!! The toilets that are cleaner are from restaurants and hotels. Also, u tends to feel sleepy in Yunnan cuz of the high altitude Yunnan is located. The scenery are breathe-taking and u can sit on open-air cable car to view the high mountains and the big Erhai. I went there in dec and so it is very cold but no snow though. The food served in the restaurant are salty too but not bad overall. Hope u enjoy ur trip there and take lots of pictures!!!


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                    been there once few years's a wonderful place!!! the best part is a city called "li jiang", i suggest u can stay 2-3 days in there, and "Yu long xue shan" is another place that u must go!!! MUST!!! but make sure u bring more clothes because it's super cold when u reach the top of the mountain. if u go there in group under the travel agency, make sure they will bring u to the top of the moutain. i know that most of the travel agency will only bring u to SEE the mountain.
                    city like "kun ming" and "da li" have not much things worth to see....