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  • Upgrading job

    originally posted under another thread. admins please feel free to delete the earlier post. here

    1st job after i left uni at the 2nd yr...that's coming to 4th yr

    i want to move on since 2 years ago, but i dont really know present job is an admin asst reporting to the MD directly, but it's a small chinese construction company, situation pretty similar to winkie.

    1 thing that kind of hindered my moving on is i'm not sure what to state for my qualifications. 2 years in the uni is not a full degree, but to report as an a'level is like i've not been to uni at all. another thing is my present job is pretty comfy as i'm allowed to surf the net, no office politics, my bad-tempered boss is hardly in and there is no really urgent deadlines to meet.

    however, after these years, i dont really feel like i have learnt much. as years go by, i found myself not really up to many job descriptions for the various non-admin job vacancies that i'm interested in. they range from staff writers to HR to marketing assistants which require relevant experience most of the times.

    so it caught my attention that i should perhaps go get a useful diploma. the courses that are relevant to the above jobs that i'm interested in. i'm pretty lost with choosing an institution and deciding on which one diploma to study.

    hence would like to seek advice from fellow working cotters.
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    hi there...
    since you alredy have an a level cert..
    and have completed 2 years of your uni..
    it might be more beneficial if you take a degree course instead of a diploma as:-

    1) you may be granted exemptions from taking certain subjects which you have already completed in your 2 years even though its a different uni..

    2) er... dont mean to be rude to dip holders.. but i feel that singapore is kinda competitive nowadays.. and companies are looking at education level when employing or promoting people..
    at least that's the case with my company..

    as to the institutions..
    main things to look for..
    1) reputation.. some are known for "dumping grounds"...
    2) depends on the course you intend to pursue.. as most institutions have established themselves in certain fields... like UOL for economics.. etc...

    just my

    oh yeah.. try to write in even if they require a little experience ( but i don't mean those which requested for many years of experience kind).. =P
    sometimes they may consider you if you have the right attitude and show enthisiasm in wanting to learn on the job!

    good luck!