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Clothes for mother/mother in law/bridemaids

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  • Clothes for mother/mother in law/bridemaids

    HI would like some help on this - could not find an existing thread on this.

    My mum's rather tan & short & plumish. I was thinking of more (dunno the material name sharks) mate/shiny kind of material with visible thread lines? very thai kind of material in bright colours the metallic (also have dark colours) will reflect very glamousously for an evening gown - its some what abit rough in finish.

    what's suitable for her - she wont want a cheong sam & to me its ok but she can still use this pc what ever design she will pc eventually she can also use it for wedding dinners on her own.

    What would be suitable for her & she wants off the racks actually I was thinking of bringing her to OG NINA brand will have a very nice day skirt & blouse combo for $150-200 & a night combo for $200 onwards. To me its that i rather tailor if possible a dress since i might be already spending $200+. (we made cheong sum 2 yrs ago at china town for $280 & now i know the end tailor (was thru a middle man) so it could be $200-250 ! I am sure she does other styles too.

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    U mean Shantung silk type of material correct?


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      material is something like this :


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        Thai silk?


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          You can try going to CK Tang or Metro. I bought for my mum's cloth at Metro and available at CK Tang as well. My mum is also short and plump and we are very happy that we found something that suit her very well. Will post the pix shortly and maybe your mum will like it too !
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            bride-to-be gone missing!?!?

            can try local designers? if not, major dept stores like Blurdl mentioned.


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              ops i'm back. thanks for all suggestions. I think will make her try the materials you showed pics below.

              The material i was trying to pin point i think its more like thai silk.

              My mum not willing to marry me off want to zhou luan (make trouble) - she wants to wear same colour as me!!!!

              I must get her some nice design she likes - just to make her feel pampered. she is not extreme - just joking.

              But i heard of my friend whose mother in law was her hubby's step mother. I was ready on that day to spill food or drinks on her if she wore too nice - the bride, my friend told me that she likes to dress up (this step-mother in law) & take away teh bride's glory on the wedding day - she did that for the other step son's wedding - dressed to kill - she is late 40s (father remarried someone very young when his wife passed away)

              However - somehow everything worked out fine - i think the father told that lady not to come for the wedding (he was sick of her looking so snobbish at these functions)- so my cup of coke was safe with me!


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                hi ladies,
                any tailors to recommend for mother's / bridemaids' clothes?


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                  Recently I bought clothes from my mum at a shop in Novena Sq. (Rose of Sharon) maybe can try to look-see at that place if U are near Novena.