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  • PDF Page numbering help!

    hi girls,

    i need to submit my Final year project (FYP) in pdf format.

    how do i make sure the pages r in running order? e.g

    abstract and acknowledgments, labelled as pg (i) and (ii)
    but the rest of the pages from the introduction onwards should be pg 1, 2...

    we could put it separately when we print the hard copy, but now as softcopy, we have to put it all together.

    pls help!!! *DESPARATE* tried all sorts of ways... but the numbers will just stick to either calling i, ii, iii etc. or it starts labelling my abstract as pg 1 which i dont want. i need the 2 different type of page number format in a single report.

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    create a section break (insert break : choose section break) between the two pages that are using different numbering systems

    in the second section, when you view header and footer properties, there should be a button that you can toggle. this is the "same as previous" button. this button when toggled on makes the header and footer follow exactly as set in the previous section. when you toggle it off, different sections can have different header/footer.

    so make sure this is not on. then set the page numbering for each section using the header and footer properties toolbar.

    Hope that's not too confusing! good luck for your FYP.

    i still remember the days trying to compile my thesis...


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      thanks my dear. got it settled.

      mods, can delete this thread.. unless you find it might be beneficial to others who need such technical help.