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  • Hot Stones Steak & Restaurant

    anyone been to Hot Stones Steak & Restaurant? how's their food and range?

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    ok, since no one post any review of 'this' particular restaurant, i try it out myself. fab dinner but costly. it's the fun i have.. playing and cooking what i've ordered.
    first time i took pictures of food, so abit pai-seh and lousy shots.

    not sure if this is the one i'm actually looking for but they're called Sizzling Rock located along boat quay no. 51.

    variety are limited, only got steak, salmon, chicken and lamb.
    calamari, spring roll, escargot(sp?), mango salad, soup and a few others as appetizer.

    i went on the wrong day.. not long after i sat down, a group of tourist came.. imagine the whole place was filled with 'ang-mo'.

    this my salmon and large prawn on hot stone. opposite is chicken marinated in herbs (for bf). comes with choice of side - salad/fries/jacket potato.

    calamari which i seriously think it's overpriced.

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      It looks great, luv_shan. I went there a couple of years ago. The food was pretty good. We also ordered pasta which was delicious too.

      Agree that it is very pricey, hence that was my one and only time there


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        yeah, it's gonna be my first and last time too..
        initially wanted to try brazil chu... but total up seems to over 90 bucks and bf complain i'm a small eater. not recommended for buffet.

        i don't see any pasta on the menu.
        if i'm not wrong, they got another seperate menu which include choco and cheeze fondue.


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          The pasta was from the Italian restaurant next door. They are under the same management. So we had pasta and the mixed grill on the hot stones thingy.


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            oh.. no wonder i see those tourist seated to the next door. lolx.


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              i agree that cost for the food in sizzling rocks are way overpriced...

              i made a reservation for 5 and went to sizzling rock with my friends last night.the overall comment was that the food was so-so... and their service was not as good as what i heard from my other friends.the 3 of us ordered steak while the others ordered the baby chicken chop and the salmon thing .we took quite a long to decide what to order and waited patiently for food to be served...and presentation for the food was ok but my friends and i had a hard time cutting the steak... it was harder than what we ordered and they didn't give us a steak knife...
              we asked for steak knives and the waiter told us that there was not enough steak knives....

              conclusion of the place? sucky... like which decent steak house does not have enough steak knives...they ought to be


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                oh gosh.... sounds bad.... my frens already booked table for this friday to celebrate another fren's bday... :Doh:
                Hope they allow us to have cake in their restaurant... this wld be the first time i try Hotstones.. will let u guys know the outcome. :roll:


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                  I don't really like Hot Stones as I find that the food is nothing to shout for. Moreover you end up smelling like you were at a BBQ after a meal there!
                  Price wise I find that its not worth the food!


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                    Grill food from HOT STONE

                    guys.. have seen these on tv but ain't sure where is it.. it's basically this restaurant provide raw food for customers... and a pc of stone for the customers to cook their food.. does it sound familiar to anyone?? i rem that there's steak n mushroom n stuff on the menu..

                    anyone know where i can find these restaurant?


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                      i rem there've been review for this reataurant. do a search using the search funtction and you'll find the posts.


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                        just for your stones is at boat quay =)
                        there's another restaurant with similar concept "Stonegrill" along east coast road.


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                          i c... east coast rd n boat quay..


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                            i saw the one on east coast road, similar concept as Hot Stones.. but nevver got the chance to know where it is exactly or tried it.. is it nice? and price-wise? TIA !


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                              i remember someone have posted reviews for ECP branch, pls do some searching with the search function.

                              there's hot stone, sizzling rock. both situated at boat quay and clarke quay. you may do a search in yahoo or uob priviledge dining. there's a promo for UOB card, so there should be some location info.'

                              ETA: here's the thread. not much reviews though. but i heard portion are small.
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