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Help on Bank Draft needed!!

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  • venuswang
    The difference is a bank draft is not so safe as if the draft is lost during the mail, it's more or less your own prob. I don't think your IC is needed, but they will need the add to send the draft to you. Jus remember that a draft works more or less in the same way as a cheque. And IIRC, she can send the money through wire transfer except that the smaller the amount, the higher the charges.


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  • pulpy
    started a topic Help on Bank Draft needed!!

    Help on Bank Draft needed!!

    i was suppose to recieve payment from a malaysian gal by wire transfer but she told me that the amt was too little n her bank doesn't do it.

    so, she said that she can do a bank draft.

    what's the diff between these 2?

    she wanted my i/c no and home address as well.

    is it safe to goive her my i/c no.??

    pls advise, thanx!