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Welcome to THE OC! :Spoiler Alert:

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  • Welcome to THE OC! :Spoiler Alert:

    Decided to rave about the new show The O.C. here. Seems these days I'm drawn towards *teensy* stuff and the irony is I'm not getting any younger.. ha ha!

    I just adore the houses in Calif mannn. Life should be like that. You shouldn't have to break the bank to own a piece of land you call home, and to be able to transport yourself/family around in a luxury car that doesn't cost you the earth. I'm not saying such things don't come with a price. Our country's just not like the States or Oz, I suppose.

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    Originally posted by Glossie
    Decided to rave about the new show The O.C. here. Seems these days I'm drawn towards *teensy* stuff and the irony is I'm not getting any younger.. ha ha!
    It sure helps that The O.C. has got a castful of eye candy. Benjamin McKenzie (Ryan) and Mischa Barton (Marissa) are the hottest looking male and female leads in a tv series since Smallville. *LOL* Can't help it...I'm a complete sucker for hot looking people.

    Oh yeah, it's sure lovely to have an outcome like Ryan's...a social misfit and outsider fitting right into the Cohen's cosy little mansion and life. Quaint though hardly realistic.


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      ooo i love the OC. i think its got a nice story plot. its interesting to know the kind of lives these rich people live. the guy who took ryan in is so generous. doubt singapore has such kind souls. and yes the houes in california are gorgeous. the pool is sooo nice. misha barton's 18 i think and she looks so mature. initially i didnt think ryan is good looking. but after watching it for long, i think he has that cool look. man of few words kinda guy.


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        I did not miss any episode of The O.C., did I? The last one I saw was two weeks ago. Was that the season finale? Or it's cos of the Olympics that one episode was not aired last week?

        Last week's The Apprentice was funny. So glad Omarosa's out!


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          glossie: its not the season finale yet, they stopped showing OC cos of olympics

          yeah i'm glad that omarosa was fired too!!


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            Thanks, Lumos! So they won't air for another week at least? The last episode has left me wanting for more!

            Can't wait for Smallville either!


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              I dont think OC2 will come that soon right? I think its still screening in the US.
              I have given up on tired of it. My favourite show now is Gilmore Girls and I cant wait!


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                Yay! The O.C. is finally showing again! I always loved the trailer songs they played.


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                  Welcome to THE OC!

                  Let's gush over the boys, Ryan and Seth or bond with the girls, Marissa and Summer here.

                  Heh, Luke is back.

                  Anyway, from the advertisment for the second episode, Ryan seems to want to get back with Marissa. My first thought is "What? So soon? What about Theresa and their 'dead' baby?!"


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                    This is my first post in a while cause I was having troubles logging in. Anyway, I'm spoilt beyond rotten but I can say this season is just as great as last season! Although I'm way ahead of the episodes showing in Singapore right now I can join in the fun of drooling over Seth and Summer right? I love the both of them!

                    They look so adorable together


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                      I like Ryan and Seth scruffy! So rugged and

                      Does anyone dislike Theresa? I really don't like her!!


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                        I think Theresa looks older than Ryan. I agree Ryan look rugged and !


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                          Too bad Ryan is quite short.. but I still like him! so MAN :wow: Seth is so dorky and adorable!


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                            I love everything in The OC...the plot, characters especially Marissa, Ryan and Seth, California, style..and EVERYTHING ...such a great show ..cheers
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                              I never liked Theresea too. She should never come back to the oc!! I say leave poor Ryan alone.

                              Btw, I love the soundtracks on the oc too. I burned some of the songs and put it in my SO's car.

                              And I think Seth is sexy in a dorky way..