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Favourite attire and footwear for travel

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  • Favourite attire and footwear for travel

    Was told to bring as little as possible when travelling and to bring only the essentials and favourite items that would last throughout the trip. Find that a challenge! lol. I mean every outfit should have a matching pair of shoes right?
    Hope you girls can share your experience and help me to pack in the most practical way!

    1. What is your favourite attire for travelling? why?

    2. What footwear do you normally bring for your trips? why?

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    Comfort is top priority for me! Camisoles and jeans with slippers is my favourite combination. Depending on where you go, sneakers are usually a good bet for colder climate while slippers and sandals are great for shopping trips and sight-seeing in places that are more than 20 degrees celsius!


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      Am planning to go to Prague, Italy, London and New Orleans. It's summer, so was camisoles and tank tops are good!


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        Jeans is definitely my fav! Can pair them with camis, which i love....or t shirts...which are really versatile too. And a pair of jeans can give you so many looks! I usually pack a few pairs of jeans with lots of tops in all kinds of sleeves....but more of camis and short sleeves unless i visit a cold country.

        Shoes wise...sneakers are the best bet cos they are so comfortable to walk in. I do pack extra slippers too...just in case i need to go swimming or otherwise....


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          I have a lot of basic vest tops in different colours from Topshop because they're so easy to match with everything! I'm pretty keen on my 3/4 length demin jeans too!

          Shoes wise, I do love my flip flops and birkinstocks!! I can trek everywhere in those! I always take a pair of sneakers with me just in case it rains on me


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            Jeans plus 3/4 to full-sleeved tops in warm weather, jumpers for cooler weather. Layer with medium-length coat for mild winters, full-length for harsher winters. Haven't been anywhere subzero though. Sneakers all the way. You never know what can creep onto your feet if you wear more open footwear. Same reason I never wear short-sleeves and tank tops anywhere. But I make an effort to pick the periods when weather is mild.

            You won't have time to do laundry much during the trip, so I wouldn't bother with matching. As long as you're comfortable it should be fine. People can almost always pick out that you're a tourist, so apart from being careful there isn't much you can do to fit in.


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              i always dress more conservatively than i do in singapore for safety reasons so my holiday attire for spring/summer consists of fitted tees with sleeves or tanks, absolutely no camis and halters unless i'm going to be in a private resort, you never know who you'll run into

              as for shoes, i like sandals in spring/summer, loafer types if i'll be walking in rough terrains (excluding serious activities like trekking) and in winter
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                I would like to wear light clothings I went to Bali I brought 3 summer dress and rotate them for daily wear that is sufficient for 10 days. Hehehe.


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                  Plain t-shirts (long-sleeved if it isn't too hot for them) are always good. They're not too casual, and layer well. For colder weather I don't need to bring more than a couple of jumpers to wear over them. One jacket/coat and/or raincoat. If the weather is unpredictable and you don't know if your clothes will be warm enough, definitely bring a scarf. It's amazing how much warmer you'll feel with it around your neck. Gloves are good for winters, and don't take up much space.

                  For footwear, trainers are the best, although I've been known to wear low-heeled boots for short trips where I know I won't be walking all that much. I dislike brightly coloured trainers, so those semi-casual leather ones in neutral colours are perfect.

                  If I'm away for more than a week, I will do my laundry in order to travel light. It's not so troublesome if you wash what you've worn that day before you shower, everyday. For this reason, the clothes I bring (and intend to wash, normally just tops, undies, socks) must be made of quick-dry material.

                  If I'm very lucky, I might get a hotel with a launderette (it happened in LA). Or there might be an inexpensive laundry nearby (Hong Kong).


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                    sleeveless shirts or singlets, mini skirts, shorts with flip-flops/sandals in hot weather countries like bangkok, KL.
                    jeans, trench coats, shirts, jackets and sports shoes in cold countries..


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                      T-shirts/racerbacks/cami with capris and birkenstocks in autumn/spring/summer holidays.


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                        Dunno if this is the right thread to ask but is it alright to wear slippers/sandals on board the plane?

                        I've always worn my trainers and my friends have always only worn shoes all the while too. Hope it doesn't sound all so silly of me to be asking this


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                          Look what our SQ girls are wearing on their feets on board. LoL!

                          Don't worry, sandals, flip flops and what not are perfectly fine.

                          I removed my shoes and sleep with my socks on in long haul flights.


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                            perfectly fine

                            i always wear birks onto planes


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                              Thanks ladies!