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How did/do you know your husband is the right one?

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  • How did/do you know your husband is the right one?

    I always ask my married friends- how did you know you were marrying the right guy? Any married cotters would like to comment and advise the single ladies here?

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    Its when you seen all his flaws and bad habits, but you still know you want to spend your life with him.. he is the one. ( At least for me)


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      If you can picture yourself living with him for the rest of your life, without you killing each other despite your differences and flaws ... He's the one!!!

      I broke up with my then bf of 9 years because we grew apart and I can't see myself living with him for the rest of my life! Was very sad but have to be true to myself because I don't want to marry him and then years later end up in divorce when I realise it is not going to work, I can't stand living with him. You know what I mean?


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        I view marriage as a lifetime commitment. It's very important to accept your partner's strengths as well as weaknesses.


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          this may sound so cliche, but you just know it.... if you have to ask "is he the one? then it probably either hasn't hit you yet, or he's not it.

          when i met my hubby, i had no doubts so never had to ask that question


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            It took me late last year then I can be very sure that my boyfriend for 5 years is the one for me. As I'm young and he's old so I always wonder are we meant for each other

            During my 22nd birthday last year, we had a quarrel. Cos it's suppose to be a private date for both of us. But he kept meeting up his his friend & cannot plan what to celebrate with me. So I was so pissed that I just quarreled with me. I just said that I liked one of the Swatch watch even though I didn't really like that much:p But when girl lose their ability to think is like that He secretly rush out to buy for me, so for 2 hours I thought what could had happen to him. Because he told me he only go down to buy a cake for me. Then that time, I can be 100% sure he's the one for me


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              I agree with Jewel. I know his flaws and habits, but still I want to spend my life with my fiance. When he bought a proposed ring for me, I know that he is the one. He spent half a day to choose the diamond ring. He didn't even how to choose and what to choose. So he just spent half a day to shop all the jewellery shops in a shopping mall. When i called him, he lied to me that he was meeting his friend. Then, I got a surprise with a hand bouqent on our 5th dating anniversary (2 days later). From that moment, I can see his sincerity and honesty truly. Although I always say my fingers are empty with sth, I want diamond ring bla bla.... Actually, what I want that is just a ring... Can't believe that he took my diamond joke so serious. I am truly touched by him. So, he is the one.


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                SO happy that you girls found YOUR MR. RIGHT..

                All the best to you all....


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                  Hi Shazzerlyn,

                  Originally posted by shazzerlyn
                  I broke up with my then bf of 9 years because we grew apart and I can't see myself living with him for the rest of my life!
                  I'm in the 8th year of dating my bf. Our relationship seems to be like a cycle. Ups and Downs. We might grow apart ( as in we are together in the same room but yet doing different things) and yet after we quarrel, we get close together again. Was it what happened in your case?

                  If nothing really bad happens, he should be the one im marrying. We have moved out of the dovey lovey honeymoon period and we're starting to learn to accommodate with each other's habits. For instance he likes to channel switch and I don't like it at all. If you are comfortable, can you share with us what you mean by growing apart? I find it difficult to draw a line between having adequate personal space and growing apart.


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                    Wow Shon, you are really lucky....I agree with Jewel too, when you see his flaws, understand the differences between the two of you - from differences in daily routine to thoughts and ideals, and still feel confident about being happy about spending the rest of your lives together, I guess that's a HUGE sign that he's the one...


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                      i always think what makes up to be THE ONE?
                      to me it has to be more than the one, the one who can accept the way i am and i can accept the way he is, the one who will be my side whenever i dont feel like saying a word, the one whom i will not care for anything in the world but him, the one whom i want to have lil ones with him, the one who i can run to whenever i feel like having a cry, the one who is my harbour of hope

                      yes the one, that is my SO!


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                        How did/do you know your husband is the right one?

                        I've been thinking about this a lot.

                        How do you married gals know that your husband is the one for you? Or is it a case of marriage is the next natural step after being together for some time? Or just that the time is right, so get married?

                        How will we ever know someone is The One, unless we've met everyone in this world? And if there really is The One, why do they still get divorced?

                        Would love to hear from you girls.


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                          My exact sentiments.. my parents are divorced, and most of my friends have the same fate.. It really left a phobia in me, which is why i don't believe in marriage.. To me, marriage is a piece of evidence which proves that i am legally liable and obliged for in many areas, and the only reason why i would ever want to get married ( right now, don't know what will happen in future) would be because i can buy a flat.

                          I ask my friends who are getting married the same question "How do you know he is the one?" and the answers i get are either "I don't know, that's y i am trying to find out" or " I just know, its hard to explain".
                          Which brings to my theory of its either u are gambling with your happiness, or you are blinded by temporary happiness... Until one fine day, my boyfriend told me that it can be likened to how women shop, and when they see this fabulous, gorgeous, must-have-it-no-matter-how-much-it-costs pair of shoes/dress/diamond ring, this is the feeling of finding the ONE. You know life will never be complete without it... The bad thing is, I meet such THE ONEs when i am shopping all the time... Does that imply that i will marry many men?
                          I really envy women who believe, and have found their ONEs. Pls share your thoughts and experiences so that i will eventually know where i am heading to one day..



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                            I'm at this stage in my life where I am able to ask:
                            Is there really such a thing as The One?

                            If the answer is no, should it stop people from getting married? After all, marriage isn't just about compatibility. It's takes a little bit of love, lust and commitment to stay married.

                            And even if you've found The One guy for you today, because people change, you'll both have to work hard to stay in-sync or else you'll wake up in bed one morning and ask yourself: "Why the heck did I marry this guy in the first place??!"


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                              I just got married... As to how i determined he's the one, i just asked myself 3 question:
                              1) After 8+ years, of courtship, how would i rate our relationship? Do i love him?
                              My answer, it still feels like we just had our first date and first kiss...he's the same. And i am sooooooo in love.
                              2) Is he wiling to sacrifice for me, can we talk and reach a compromise?
                              My answer, Yes, he puts me in first priority and we discuss everything...
                              3) Would i regret? Can i find someone as good or better than him?
                              My answer... No...there's no one that is comparable. He is the only one for me. My soulmate.