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Do you believe in Fengshui?

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    I think the toad with coin is to attract wealth.


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      yes, no doubt about it,
      its not superstition but more of psuedo science


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        Recently my friend told me about this feng shui master which she has frequent over these 2 years, which I feel that she's very into it and is awaiting for what he has predicted for her to befall on her.

        I cannot really opposes her or say make any -ve comments to her, but I felt that she relies too much on what the master has told her.... and when things coincidently happened in certain ways that the master has predicted, the more she believed in him.

        Btw from young, I thought those are Suan Ming Master? and Feng shui is more to the location or what? I am too shallow about all these. Can someone tell me the difference?


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          tulips_sweer, suan ming is fortune-reading or destiny analysis where they make use of certain element of yours (birthdate or facial feature or even getting you to shuffle some cards etc) to deduce something about your past/present/future.

          feng shui is the art or practice of placement of objects based on a belief in patterns of yin and yang and the flow of energy that can create positive or negative effects on oneself. Feng shui is about the human and his environment.


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            i'm not into Suan Ming as i've heard from many of my friends. if a person tells you about your future or whatever .. it will reduces the lifespan of you and the person who's helping you. ok. call it supertitious or what. no harm believing.


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              That's why a fortune teller has to always meditate and do good deeds as he/she has to undertake all good or bad things that he/she predicted for his/her clients. This will be worse if the prediction is wrong.

              I feel that we cannot believe 100% of such things as life is still controlled by our actions.


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                yea. up above the sky they have already know what fate are we going thru already. if it's all decided.. no point changing or knowing too..u'll still have to face it one day. what for if a fengshui master tells you u're gonna face a disaster today and you keep thinking about it ? haha. so funny. i don't believe in such things. if i'm meant to die today i'll die. no use hiding it away. i can't run away from it


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                  i was browsing thru this topic in CC, and did an online search.

                  Found some really interesting.

                  Its a free personalized reading.

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                  They will give u an analysis on:

                  1) Personality and Character
                  2) Romance and Compatibilities
                  3) Profession


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                    Anyone knows which shop is famous for buying feng shui stuffs ???


                    • house of fengshui? I know there's an outlet at Parkway parade.


                      • Originally posted by gucci_
                        Anyone knows which shop is famous for buying feng shui stuffs ???
                        u can try Fu Lou Shou complex which has an array of FS shops but just have to be careful not to be fleeced actually, all FS items are marked up anyway...

                        If u are in malaysia, can try going to any one of the World Of Fengshui shops - there is like a shop in every major town.


                        • thanks alot for the information.


                          • Hi there,

                            Somehow I do believe in fengshui. 2yrs bk I approached a master before I started my renovation. True enough, in the end she became my designer as she had almost changed most of my initial designs. We had turned our life upside down at that time as everything had gone back to square one which was quite upsetting. Of course we do modified some of it and just making sure that she is fine with it too so as the balance is still there. Luckily there is a very bad omen (as what she hinted) at my house and that's why we strictly followed her instruction. Otherwise she's rather practical and flexible.

                            Thankfully things did get moving and we are back in renovation mood. Of course during the process my hubby and I took over ensuring that things really turned out to be what we are seeking as these contractors did not really pass down 100% of our messages across to their guys.

                            Even though I did not contract her anymore, till today I'm still very grateful for what she's done for us. For the first year we moved in, my hubby's job prospers and for the second year, I'm pregnant! Even though I can't say definitely that it's due to her professional skill that made us what we are today but at least she did ease our question marks and fears

                            This is what I believe in: every individual belongs to their own special elements hence try to seek a balance. This way happines will automatically flow in therefore peace and harmony and $$ will come knocking at your door.



                            • I'm not sure if i believe in fengshui or not,but my hubby does. Our house was renovated partly based on interior designer and partly by the fengshui master. She adviced on quite a bit of stuff and so far after staying 2years, everythings seem to be going on well for both of us..


                              • anyone got and feng shui master to recommend me?
                                am doing my renovation now and wanted the person to come and see the house before it's fully completed....

                                Pls PM me contacts and fees.. thanks!