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    Anyone tried this before?

    Eastern Sign: Horse Western sign: Pisces

    You are a firm believer in utopia and constantly work to make the world a better place. Some folks scoff at your efforts, but most respect them. That's because you are utterly sincere in everything you do.

    A career in law has probably attracted you from a very early age. You'd make an excellent judge, lawyer, or court clerk. Connecting with people from different walks of life might also appeal to you. Becoming a translator would allow you to achieve this goal while traveling extensively. You could also meet success as a teacher or spiritual advisor because you acquire wisdom so readily. Whatever job you take, it should have a philosophical bent.

    As far as relationships go, you have a nice mix of practical and dreamy friends. Taureans, Cancerians, Virgos, and Scorpios keep your social life varied and interesting. In love, you need an old-fashioned partner who is willing to fight for your honor. Acts of chivalry never fail to win your heart. Your ideal mate is tough on the outside, but tender on the inside.

    Your greatest challenge is to take the bad with the good. You have a tendency to turn a blind eye to unpleasantness, which can make you vulnerable. Your biggest strength is your youthful attitude. Somehow, you have retained a sense of wonderment and joy that is rarely found in adults.

    You have a great capacity for joy that is evident to everyone you meet. Children especially love your company because you haven't forgotten how to play. Sports probably play a prominent role in your life. Jogging, swimming, and dancing can keep you fit and youthful. You're also quite creative and may enjoy artistic hobbies like woodwork, sewing, or sculpting. You may be famous for making beautiful, personalized gifts for friends and family.
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    Actually I played it before

    Quite true Here's mine:

    Eastern Sign: Dog Western Sign: Scorpio

    Your upbringing was quite possibly a stern one. In fact, you may have seen your parents as "the enemy" in your younger years, viewing them as the reason for all your problems. In later years, however, you would likely come to appreciate their wisdom and experience and possibly to apologize to them as a result. In short, you may be quite close to your family after your younger years, despite any problems you had in your youth.

    Astrologically speaking, you were given several gifts, including four planets in your own emotionally determined, focused sign, reinforcing your Sun sign's traits and instilling you with the stubbornness and tenacity to become a strong and powerful guardian of the rights of those unable to defend themselves. In relationships, you'll probably find the comfort and stability you crave in the arms of Cancerians or Pisceans, but other Scorpios would make equally good choices. In friendships or business relationships, look to the earth signs, especially Taureans, for strong and enduring support.

    You've been gifted with the capacity to provide your dear ones with an endless reservoir of strength and energy, both of which will prove indispensable in difficult times. Your challenge is to only offer your support when it's truly deserved.
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      Eastern Sign: Horse Western sign: Taurus

      Your energy and enthusiasm is something to behold. You're in love with life and want to share your passion with everybody. Chances are you entertain a great deal. Opening your home to others gives you tremendous pleasure. Visitors are sure of a fantastic meal and fabulous conversation at your place; you really know how to give a party. Your guestroom is often occupied; you think nothing of hosting pals for weeks or even months.

      Intense, artistic types make up the majority of your social circle. You're constantly drawn to Taureans, Cancerians, Scorpios, and Pisceans. In love, you need a partner who is willing to give you some space. Although you are very loving and affectionate, you need lots of freedom to pursue your interests. Having hobbies separate from your mate can actually strengthen your relationship. Your greatest challenge is to develop solitary pursuits. While you thrive in the company of others, it's also important to enjoy private moments. Your biggest strength is your sense of grounding. People feel safe and secure in your serene presence; you're a wonderful comfort.

      Blessed with impeccable taste, you need to work in elegant surroundings to be happy. You'd fare very well in a luxury restaurant, hotel, or boutique. It's possible that you're an excellent cook. If that's the case, you may want to open a catering business. Running an elegant beauty salon or flower shop might also suit you. Ultimately, your work must involve bringing beauty into the world in some material way.

      Because you are so giving, you may become easily tired. Invigorating exercise should be a regular part of your life. Swimming, hiking, and biking are all good ways to boost your energy level. Creative pursuits like quilting, carpentry, and pottery can also restore your spirits. Anybody as generous as you are needs to spend quality time alone, at least occasionally.


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        Here's mine:

        Eastern Sign: Monkey Western sign: Cancer

        quite true, except the part about being a judge.
        You have a determination to stand your ground when your beliefs are tested. As such, along with the unconditional acceptance for which your sign is famous, you also have a strong sense of conscience-and you won't be intimidated into acting against it.

        The astrological factors of your birth-time illustrate your commitment to doing the right thing in all situations, as well as the fact that you'll undoubtedly take your time when making important choices. Several planets in cerebral air signs and others in cautious Virgo combined forces to give you a sturdy sense of commitment to arrive at a fair and impartial conclusion. You also have the capacity to objectively consider everything that's involved en route to making your decision. In short, when you reach your verdict, it will likely be based on an equal consideration of all factors-and once you've announced that verdict, you won't be convinced otherwise.

        These qualities make you an excellent judge, arbitrator, and mediator. Since your sign is so family-oriented, you may often find that you're called on to settle disputes or quarrels-and your advice will always be respected and appreciated by those close to you.

        In relationships, you'll probably be drawn to other Cancerians, firm-willed Capricorns, and solid, practical Taureans. In friendships and business matters, perceptive Scorpios and intuitive Pisces will prove worthy and steadfast. Your challenge is to find a halfway point between your strong emotions and your keen sense of duty. Your gift is your tenacity.