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    Hi Mod, did a search on this but didn't find anything. Kindly shift the thread under appropriate heading if necessary. Thanks!

    I've been auctioning on Yahoo auctions for the past 2 years and so far I've encountered lost mails once and I received a negative for that despite stating that seller will not be responsible for lost mails and that registered mails are recommanded.

    I fear that another situation might be happening cause a parcel which i sent out on Good friday has yet to reach the buyer. The total value of the sales is around $40 and she didn't opt for registered mail.

    In the situation that the parcel really gets lost, how would you handle it if you were me? I would have refunded partial payment for lower value items but $40 isn't exactly a small figure. Pls advise.

    For lost local mail, call SingPost investigation line at 68456210. They will need:

    1. Sender's address
    2. Date and place of posting
    3. Address posted to
    4. Postage
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    maybe you could launch a search with singpost to help locate it first? it might not be lost but just chucked somewhere... i will do this 1st before thinking of any refunds arrangement and personally i would only make refunds for items under $10 and only half the value... coz i wouldnt know for sure if the other party did or did not receive it.


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      oh i also have a package that its lost and it really seems lost now since singpost couldnt locate it... i was quite impressed by them coz they actually called me twice to check and ask... and they even sent one of their guys to ask if the sendee got it...


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        Oh! I know.. thanks to ohce :D -PM you-

        You can call Singpost up or email them about lost mail because my mail was thought to be lost but in fact, it is lying around in PO waiting for me to pick up. They claimed there are no one at home when the PO deliveryman send it and also, numerous reminders/notices were sent. But I was at home the whole day on that day and also, I never receive anything


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          ysilveer, as much as I would like to give the buyers the benefit of doubt, I will always make it a point to clarify with my buyer on the phone - partly to hear their tone and also easier to find out information.

          Buyers will always say that there is always someone at home but you never know. Likewise, postman will always say they'll leave a card but you never know either. We don't know who is not telling the truth here but I realised that after all these tracking and reporting, the result is always this -> parcel is sitting at one corner of post office, waiting to be collected. SOooo, the best thing is to call the tracking hotline (6845-6210) to lodge a report

          SingPost will make it a point to get their delivery base to check with the postman that does the delivery for the area. I remember once they even had the postman called me and told me that he did delivered a similar package to my buyer. But remember to track early, don't wait till a few months later then call, a week is long enough IMO. Oh before i forget, if you are the recipient (read, not Sender), then you must make sure sender really sent out the item first else it would be impossible for SingPost to track right


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            er abit OT , but i passed a package to my bf to post but apparently he has forgotten to paste the stamps on before dropping into the mailbox !!!:shout: i've written my return address on the back. will singpost mail it back to me or the addressee? how long do they usually take? :Doh:


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              Most probably to the addressee, requesting that they pay for the insufficient postage. HTH~


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                like ohce said, they will send to the addressee but they would request her to pay for the postage + administration fee.

                she can choose to reject it too, it would return to you (about a week?) & i believe you would have to pay the postman too. i can't recall if you would have to pay the postage & administration fee or just the postage.


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                  Originally posted by alyssasara
                  er abit OT , but i passed a package to my bf to post but apparently he has forgotten to paste the stamps on before dropping into the mailbox !!!:shout: i've written my return address on the back. will singpost mail it back to me or the addressee? how long do they usually take? :Doh:

                  that's what i did for my recent GAP spree. :Doh: I called the PO and they said that they'll send the parcel to the addressee, though it requires her to top up an extra dollar on top of the normal postage rate. i.e. the postage value was $1.50 but the addressee has to pay $2.50.

                  Still waiting for the parcel to reach has been a week. i should have been more careful!!!


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                    I accidentally drop off 2 mails (to US and Canada) and I've never heard whether they need to top up the postage or even if the mails have delivered to them


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                      im quite upset now. called up the post office of the receiving area and the mailman said he didn't come across the packet. so i tried to call the area which i sent out from. the person said they can't track this way. so i guess the item is really lost.

                      i know the buyer must be rather upset cause the items caused 30+. I have offered to refund her the cost of item purchase by her friend. Is this good enough? I'm also making a loss here.


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                        Babes did you call theSingPost tracking line (68456210)? its better if you call this number coz they will actually check more thoroughly for you... you dont have to call up the post office of the delivery area or anywhere else... they will do the work for you.


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                          yes, i called that no. but the person asked me to call up the area which is receiving the item.

                          It has been 2 weeks already. guess not much hope. sigh. Hope I don't get a negative rating cause of this.


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                            hmm... weird coz the last time i called they just took down the details but they didnt ask me to call up anyone else...


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                              no idea why its different. The person asked me to call the serangoon branch, a guy called hussein.

                              the buyer even e mail the post office to check. Anyone here knows of any e mail address to track lost mails here?