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    Has anyone tried SDU activities...sports or dance classes or grooming classes?

    Any Comments? Thanks!

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    I've tried their Aquarobics classes at YMCA and it's really fun.


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      =) I am doing sensual dancing under SDU-A&J Dance school. It is not that good haha...will update after i completed all my lessons. Too soon to judge maybe?
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        never tried, but i heard that their trips r cheap.. think next time after i graduate n is automatically a member, i'll gather a few friends and go together... take advantage of cheap rates.. haha


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          actually i don't find their trips are cheap. I am someone who will 'research' via papers/phone calls to check on prices and the agenda for my trips. Do compare with SDU and find that SDU is not the lowest price. Sometimes, on the surface are cheaper; but after checking the contents I will feel otherwise.

          In addition, non-SDU trips can customise. However, if alone; it is good to go with SDU cos they will partner you with a partner of the same sex to share to room. And my friend who joined (alone) now have so many travel kaki partners!


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            Yup I agreed it is a good way to find travelling kakis.

            But I didnt really compare their trips haha because going travelling with a bunch of unknowns quite scary to me.
            I am more interested in their classes which are cheaper for most.