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  • At the dolphin Bay

    Anyone Love the show '' Love at dolphin bay'' screening on Channel U now or soon?
    I finished watching the VCD and i was crying the whole way.
    cant help to think it's a nice show .
    And the kids acting was . So poor thing!

    But the male lead voice was like :eh: .
    i think it's his pronunciation of chinese.

    here's some summary...


    A long, long time ago, the son of a God in the Heavens violated a spiritual law within the Heavenly World by falling in love with a maiden in the Human World. Not being able to stay in the Spiritual World or the Human World, the two of them traveled all around, but still couldn't find a place where they could stay. There was only the fairy queen that lived within the deepest part of the forest that sympathizes with their plight and gave this pair of lovers a spiritual copper charm. This spiritual copper charm protected them when they traveled across the ocean. However, the God of Envy discovered the secret behind the copper charm, took it away and threw it into the ocean. For this reason, the pair of lovers that lost the protection of the copper charm was dashed loose by the big waves. Even if that was the case, they both still continued searching for one another until the last minute.

    When dawn arrives, seeing that the two of them will soon be changed into foam, this love was very touching to the kind-hearted dolphin, and at the moment of daybreak, the dolphin jumped out of the ocean carrying the copper charm in its mouth, allowing this pair of lovers to once again possess the blessing from the fairy queen so that they can be together again. At the moment when the first ray of sunlight shines on the white sandy beach, the whole beach was washed with a happy pinkish color and the dolphin also jumped high up to the sky, becoming the symbol for protecting love. From then on, in the beginning of every autumn, at the place where the dolphin showed itself in daybreak, this beach would be glowing in a pinkish light. So long as you are quiet and listen carefully, you may even hear the dolphin singing. If only you look out to the far distant, you may also see the dolphin coming, carrying the copper charm in its mouth?

    Melody of Sequence:

    Young Zerya was the one that first finds the little girl that was standing in front of the door of The Home of Saint Ruo Se. Not long after that the little girl was brought to the head Sister?s office and then became a member of The Home of Saint Ruo Se.

    The little girl was really very dumb. Not only does she not know her own name, but she also doesn't speak very clearly. All the children in The Home would laugh at her, follow the way she speaks behind the back of the Sister, using making fun of her as their way of having fun. They even made a name for her called "small bottle cap" because once a bottle is opened, the bottle cap would be thrown away - its fate is just like that of the little girl. Later this 4 year old "small bottle cap" wetted her bed and was laughed at by the children for a whole day long. Her food was even snatched away and she didn't have anything to eat. Young Zerya couldn't continue looking on, this pair of tear-filled, lonely and helpless eyes caused him to be unable to bear it anymore. He stood out and for "small bottle cap" he even got into a fight with the other children. From then on "small bottle cap" is under the protection of the young Zerya and is finally not being bullied anymore. "Small bottle cap's" pronunciation is still not too clear, always calling young Zerya's name into "Da Da". But young Zerya would still understand what she is saying and even accepted the name of "Da Da" as if that is the secret code to the way they communicated with each other?

    After many years?:

    Zerya is returning from England. Prior to this, Shan Ni has already returned back to the country and also started to get to know the surroundings of Television Corporation very well, holding office as a council person in one of the departments. Moreover, under the deliberate influence of her mother, Li Hong, Shan Ni got in contact with Xiao Gang, who holds a position in the Administrative department and also a position as a council person. Faced with the return of Zerya, the two of them mentally prepares themselves for this battle that is coming. Seeing that the moment that Zerya returns and he is being appointed to General Manager, Shan Ni and Xiao Gang are both feeling extremely resentful. Immediately, they united the internal powers within the corporation, thinking to clearly display Zerya's lack of ability and make it so that Zerya could be able to step down from his position. Yet Zerya faces this with an easy going attitude, which not only makes Li Hong fumingly angry, but it also makes Xu Ruo Gu exceedingly happy, thinking that he finally has a successor now.

    Within his work, Zerya is able to find The Home of Saint Ruo Se from the past, but the people are no longer there, the scenery has totally changed. The location of where The Home of Saint Ruo Se used to be has now changed into tall business buildings. Not to mention the material that made up The Home of Saint Ruo Se is not there, but even the bricks and tiles are not the same thing anymore. Zerya looks at the tall business buildings in front of him with grieve in his eyes. Wanting to search for "small bottle cap" is like trying to find a needle in a haystack now?
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    it's showing on channel u on wed-fri 7.30pm

    i watched abit, think the girl and guy both look terrible, kids were really cute and acted pretty well but the adults... the girl looked better than in MVP valentine but i can't help but feel there's something wrong with her mouth....

    i'm very superficial when it comes to watching ou xiang ju (idol dramas??? ) must have cute guy, cute girl, and chemistry!!!


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      I've finish watching this show on VCD, very touching and somewhat sad at some point. I like the male lead though, I find him quite charming in his own way. And the female lead has a very sweet look. I love the songs!

      I find the 2 kids very cute and good-looking, especially the little boy, rosy cheeks!


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        the male lead is Ambrose Hui, if i am not mistaken, he was brought up in US (or Canada..?) that's might be the cause of his pronounciation.
        He's also the main lead in Lavender.

        I found the storyline is quite good, though it's a bit too melancholy
        but no comment on the actress/actor


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          i find the show REAL slow... anyone agree?
          Caught about one and half episode.. find it real draggy... but sounds like a typical taiwan serial?


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            slow? yeah i cant wait for him to find out that the *** is his childhood mate.
            have to wait until epi 5 -6 then they will show.
            I like the male lead. very charming. I watch until i had a crush on him!!
            but i think i crush on the male leads for most taiwan serial.


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              watched the 1st 2 episode, but find the whole thing very fake.. the boat by the sea, the dressing...etc. All appears very unreal and you know they are acting. Also I was very puzzled why that female lead's mother looks very well-off when she adopted the girl and then turn out to be quite poor and haggard when the girl is older??


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                can't really remember why she's poor. one of the reason is because she has a chronic illness.

                I prefer the other guy, though, the music composer


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                  I watched it last year VCD. It's a good show. Now the good part had not been aired yet. Later Wallace Huo will be with Angela! Cant wait for that part! That was the best part! & Mandy come & make trouble. & Lin Wei Jun start to fall in love with Ambrose. In the end, Mandy with Wallace again while Ambrose with Angela.


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                    I prefer the music composer too. He is Wallace Huo. HANDSOME!


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                      Originally posted by brumeux
                      can't really remember why she's poor. one of the reason is because she has a chronic illness.

                      I prefer the other guy, though, the music composer

                      i think it's because her mum was a singer before. and her husband was a composer. but her husband met with accident and died after that.
                      she gave up hope in her life and become the state now.


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                        opps.. so not because she's sick

                        Wallace Huo, first time i saw him, i thought he's Felix Wong's son.
                        I find they looks alike

                        maybe it's just me hehehe


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                          Yeah~ Wallace Huo is so hunky! I notice him in another drama serial 'Qian Jin Bai Fen Bai' (where he is the male lead and acted with Lin Wei Jun)

                          Some piece of juicy gossip to share. The drama serial was in the spotlight sometime back because Lin WeiJun whom is dating Lin Youwei(one of the guy in defused Taiwanese boyband 'Wewe') was apparently caught kissing Ambrose Hui in a car and being labelled a '2 timer' by the media.

                          Lin Wei Jun & Ambrose Hui fell in love while making the drama but had broken off after dating for 1.5 years.


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                            i finished the show on vcd which i bought them at half price. hee very gd deal. yeah i prefer wallace too esp when the part when he realised he fell for Angela. but in the show, at certain angle i feel that ambrose looks abit like Korean Bae Yong Jun. er or only i think so.. :eh:


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                              Originally posted by roxyger
                              Now the Lin Wei Jun start to fall in love with Ambrose. In the end, Mandy with Wallace again while Ambrose with Angela.
                              I thought Lin Wei Jun & Ambrose are 'half-siblings' in the show? How can they fall in love?