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  • Hen's Night

    One of my close pals is getting married and we're thinking of having a Hen;s night for her. Any suggestions anyone?

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    This topic has been mentioned before. Please do a search or check under clubbing pubs or topics under marriages.


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      we booked two adjoining hotel rooms, then we bluffed the bride-to-be that it was a free hotel stay for one of our friends (who is in the travel industry). nothing surprising there as it wasn't the first time my friend did a hotel check. before she got there we decorated the other room with balloons and banners, then closed it up. after dinner, a few of us announced that we had to go home early, but in actual fact went to the room next door.

      the rest of us started playing heart attack, and we got so rowdy and loud (on purpose) that suddenly there was loud banging coming from the adjoining room's door. as if the neighbours were really pissed of with us. the gals did a really good job, sounded like we were hounded by loansharks!

      we pretended to be frightened and sent our friend (the bride) to open it as she was the oldest and usually wisest...

      haha we scared her shitless... be she had a real good surprise!


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        Hi Dozalot,

        I did do a search prior to posting this thread cause the thread on marriage is more focused on fidelity issues and whether he's the one for you issues.
        The other on pubbing is as the topic says, more for pubbing. I was browsing the 2 threads mentioned for more than 5 pages and still can't locate any ideas relating on what to do for Hen's night.

        I'm looking at something more specific, like what to do for hen's night.
        Moderator, please delete this thread if its inapporpriate.


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          Hi, I said that because I remembered posting about hen's night and where to go in those threads I mentioned.
          I am not very good at using the search functions either but I heard that now with the new and improved CC, there is a better way of searching. Hmm...I have to go find out too.

          Anyways, I think if its everything about Hen's night, other activities and ideas, this thread is quite relevant.
          Sorry about that

          Crystal, I think what you and your friends did was creative


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            that was like 3 years ago... gosh... time flies.

            anyway, wanted to add. a friend's friend actually had a stripper for hen's night. apparently the stripper was quite short... and it was quite funny instead of being sexy... the guy will really lap dance and stuff... but i guess if you are particular about the quality of the stripper... better check him out first


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              My dear friends got me a stripper too....a russian dancer....eeks with was terrible. Not sexy at all because his dancing was very stage dancing, abit ballet style...he spun me around a couple of times in the air and I puked...supposed to go clubbing after that....but I was totally zonked out. It must be the worst hen's night ever!


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                Hi Dozalot,

                no problem at all. Im not very good with the search function too.

                stripper... interesting. As my pal is the first amongst us to get married, we are rather open to all ideas. As she's a rather staunch christian, we need something more subtle. ( in case she blows her top)

                by the way, how much does a stripper cost? is it the same as those that jump out of the box for a birthday surprise?

                I'm also having some thoughts about the veneue to host. Read in the papers sometime ago that Hotel 81 has theme rooms. Anybody tried that before?
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                  Originally posted by Glossie
                  Chev, I rec Bar None for the hen's party. Marriot Hotel, Basement. That's where Doug O and band 9Lives play. Doug O has probably done countless hens' nights; he knows how to make it fun.
                  Originally posted by Dozalot
                  Went to Devil's for the first time a week ago for my friend's hens night. Waaah...happening man...huge place and still packed.
                  The band is good too.
                  what i found...


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                    anyway a hen's night can be organised and not held at a pub? My friend is an ultra staunch christian and so no liquor and no pub. :Doh:


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                      how about a spa party? i know there are some spas who have that. e.g. changi village hotel (run by lemeridian) has a new spa with some garden rooms. their staff said got girls hold hen's party there before.


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                        lingerie party?

                        if u want it to be private, u can hold it at a KTV place?


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                          a lingerie party sounds interesting, the spa one might be too much for our budget. Will check out along this line. tks.


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                              Hen Party from the POV of the Bride-to-be

                              Hi all,
                              I always thot Hen parties were a whole lot of fun with close gal naturally when its my turn.. I want it to be filled w crazy fun and close bonding time w my girlies..But ***** inappropriate to help in the Planning of my own Hen party?
                              I told the gals to Bring It on and bring in the Strippers ..Ideally of cos it'll be fun to jus Wait for the Surprise but I thot the safest bet was to tell my hens *** I want and provide them the leads in fact?
                              *** do you guys think?

                              2 of my close frens are getting married few mths b4 mine...but they're the sweetie, conservative kind who jus want the typical pampering session and girly getaway..Nothing wrong wiith that but I wanted Something Different, Something special and Definitely memorable!
                              So do I tell my pals *** I want or am i just being a demanding bride here?? argh!
                              I'll Gladly run the extra mile for their Hen party if they are agreeable! :big: