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    Hmm.. hope moderator will not kill me for starting so many threads. haha. Anyway here i goes.. this is a brain teaser thread. For anyone out there who has a difficult question for us to work/try on! I have one on hand

    There are 3 switches in room A
    There are 3 lightbulbs in room B
    From either room you wouldn't be able to see the other room.

    You are in the room A with the 3 switches.
    Only leaving room A once and entering room B once.
    State which switch belongs to which bulb.

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    Switch on two switches in room A. After 5 minutes, off one switch and go to room B.
    There will be one lighted bulb and two "un-lighted" The bulb which is lighted matches the switch which is stil on. The bulb which is still warm matches the switch that u have just switched off, while the bulb which is cold matches the switch which u never touched in the first place!


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      err none? lightbulbs aren't connected to the power so you can't state which belongs to which? lol...


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        ahh this is a familiar one. Taken off from Xx's blog?


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          haha. brainspoil got it right


          Nope. got it from another forum. hehez


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            Another one!

            Rich man need _______ Poor man have _________ If you eat ______ , you'll die!

            What is the missing word?


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                  one more..


                  always read clues
                  always check URL
                  always check source codes
                  always remember that there are more forms of communications then words

                  think out of the box!!

                  Enjoy. This will take a long long time.. lolz

                  Dun worry. No ghost de.


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                    Another one..


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                      Deathball is a wonderful online 'game'. I am enjoying it so far. And there are so many levels to go up to!


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                        I wanted to go into Deathball...but so scary the music frightens me so much


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                          yes agree!!! im too afraid to play. afraid there might be ghosts popping out! hahaha


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                            Hi Pinkygal,

                            I switched off my sound system and went in. There are no ghosts. The objective is to go behind a door or get into the next screen by doing something other than point and click. I think....because I am stuck on screen 3 and it is still quite creepy to stay too long so I am out. Will try again when I have more guts.


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                              Another one!!

                              Four prisoners on death sentence each had a hat on. 2 white and 2 black. The guard told them that if one of them could tell him the color of his own hat, he would set that person free. Their hands were tied so they couldn't take off their hats.

                              A was in his own enclosure, no one could see him and he couldn't see anyone. B was standing on top of a staircase. C was standing in the middle of the staircase. D was standing at the bottom of the staircase, they were all facing down.

                              A and D couldn't see any of the other prisoners' hats. B could see C and D's hats. C could only see D's hat.

                              They were not allowed to communicate. The guard asks them if anyone knew the color of their own hat, no one replied. After awhile, someone answered and gets it correct.

                              Who is that person and how did he figure out the color of his own hat?