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Do you hate yourself? Comments please.

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  • Do you hate yourself? Comments please.

    First and foremost, do pardon my poor English.

    I was once a confident and nice individual when I was in my teens till my early 20s regardless of look, physical appearance and character.

    After some incident, I took a drastic turn for the worst. During my early 20s, I left overseas for study.
    Met a girl (lets call her A) and she was really good to me.

    At that point of time, I just broke off with my gf and A was my bio study mate as I was really poor in the module.

    Despite my ex gf (lets call her B) breaking up with me , B was still pretty into me as B is one who needs me physically there for her and we broke up when I was back in Singapore during our vacation. So it is like, now that I am back so yup.

    But we never get together as I dislike someone who just break off so easily.

    As time passed, A and I developed a more than friend bond as she spent a lot of time with me and at that point of time A has a really possessive bf back in HK. He is like verbally abusing her every time they talk over the phone.

    I was her confidant and I was not those who would snatch someone's gf.

    As time passed, A got closer to me and one day she told me that she has lied to her bf when he asked her where she was.

    She asked me if she should let him know that she lied to him.

    I said yes, if she wants the rs to go on.

    Eventually she broke up with her bf and wanted to be with me.

    I was a poor chap with nothing.

    To keep it short, after some issues back then. I become depressed and decided to end my life.

    I did and she informed my family.

    Was hospitalised over there for awhile and returned to Singapore.

    I did not complete my study and I was a loafer after time passed.

    The past few years wasn't a productive one.

    Not because I do not try but it just does not seem to work.

    Now I felt like ending my life again since life was nothing but a waste of time.

    I sort of hate myself and tend to have a relapse on the suicide part.

    Does anyone feel the same?

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      No. Everyone will love themselves.


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        Please love yourself


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          I love my self


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            All thinkers and different gurus say that everything starts with yourself, so love yourself. It is especially important to engage in your own self-development. I noticed that many people are interested in the topic of space, so I advise you to read more information at this site. Also, don't forget to take care of yourself. Wish you luck.