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Do you apply sunscreen on your baby?

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  • Do you apply sunscreen on your baby?

    Dear mums here, after i read paula's and Bobbi Brown's books, i realized it is so important to protect our baby's skin. but i am not sure when to start? when baby is 6 months old? do you think the cream will clog the pores? u know baby's sweat secretion(spelling?) has not been fully developed. Do you know where to buy sunglasses suitable for toddlers or baby? sorry, so many questions. Thank you for your info or advice.

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    I do apply sunscreen on my baby when we go swimming, or some outing and he'll be exposed to the strong sun. Bought this from Watson's. Has a baby icon on the label and the spf is very high.


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      only when I take baby for outdoor activities, I apply sunscreen on her. I bought those which are specially meant for baby's, best is to read the package before purchase.
      Nevertheless, I would still rather make sure my baby wear appropriately in the sun. I still put on a t-shirt for her even when we go swimming. Also, I would not let her stay in the sun for too long.

      I think you should be able to find kiddy's sunglasses at shops like Kiddy Palace or even Toys R Us, however I doubts that baby will wear it obediently... they would most likely start chewing it or playing with it after few seconds of wearing it.


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        OT, GG, so true about the sunglasses. Silly me fell for the cuteness of the Baby Banz and blew $25 on a new pair. Baby hated it every time I try to put it on. She just swats the glasses away from her face


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          Mogmick... I'm speaking from experience myself... but not sunglasses. Frankly, I think many of these baby's toys and whatever other gimmicks out there are to attract the parents more than the child him/herself. Some babies never like them anyway... it's really a trial and error thing...

          It's good to gain some knowledge from what experts have written but sometimes certain solutions they suggested are far not practicle.
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            I'm using Coppertone for kids which is suitable for six months and above. I only use it when out under the sun, if not I'll only go to these places from late afternoon onwards.