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  • Asking someone's age

    Due to most of the skin care products and also the latest high tech equipment, it is difficult to tell some people's age now. My girl friend who is in her mid 30's, with 2 kids, always ask to check IC whenever we visit a club. I think some people are just born lucky!

    But it is kind of strange lately because I noticed that girls are always the one asking age of another women....

    Am I too sensitive? I think as time passes, we do get a bit sensitive when people start asking for our age, especially after you pass 22

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    huh? for me, i'm quite ok about revealing my age. but 22 is still young what! why mind? i think i won't mind my age even if i become over 35. hahaha....


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      Aging gracefully is the key word. I'm alright with letting people know my age. I'm 30 this year!


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        yaa.. me too. I have no problem with revealing my age.
        Was asked for IC when buying an R(A) tix and went to Bar none.
        and at that time I'm around 26 or 27...!

        whenever it 's I always say.. thank you for asking the IC


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          I'm fine with disclosing my age too. Maybe I'm not past 30 yet that's why. But just don't ask me to guess your age, cos i'm a lousy guesser, afraid that i'd break your fragile heart. LoL!

          But don't know why, when there are ppl asking me how old i am, i must actually pause and ask myself "how old am i?" Cos i can't rmb now.

          I'm 27 this year, just jammed my fingers at the calculator.

          I seriously think age is just a figure. It's how much you have achieved that matters.


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            At cinemas / discos, if i'm stopped to be checked with my ID, i'll be very very very happy. That person seriously made me day.

            Oh yes, it has happened to me before. Hahaha...

            If I'm in casuals, i think i look like some tertiary student. Of cos with my acne scars on my chubby round face and my barely 1.58m height help a lot.


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              I agree with you.. Its depend on my mood.. If at that time i'm not in the good mood PPL ask about my age i will not feel like telling she/he...



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                if someone asked me for my i/c, i will certainly smile. When was the last time, someone actually did that?! I think I will start getting paranoid when i hit 29 or 30. Hee


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                  Actually I look much younger than my actual age, that is why after guessing and guessing, people cannot control themselves and they just have to pop the question. :roll:

                  It is okay the last few years but lately I just get a bit sensitive now. May be getting old ....


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                    look younger than your age is a good thing! me too! love it when people come and check my IC!


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                      I'm ok with people asking me my age. Coz I don't look like my age. ;p

                      Once, went to Lido to watch an RA movie with my girl buddy - we're like 25 then. Usually, they'd ask for our I/Cs. This time round, they didn't. And my girl buddy was like, "Eh, they never ask for our I/C eh! We look old!" :p

                      So if someone wants to check my I/C, I am more than happy to do so.


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                        I don't mind people asking my age (I'm 23)....

                        ...but I don't like it when people guess my age!! I always worry incase they get it really wrong! It actually hasn't happened to me yet...but I'm sure it will one day!

                        When I was 15, people thought I was 18! So I hope it's not the same situation now I'm 23!


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                          When I was 18 or 19, people always thought I was 16 or 17, perhaps I was really skinny at that time, so i look very petty. Now, people always guess me to be 25 or 26, when I am only 23, I'm kinda getting used to it. When I go out with my elder sis, some even mistaken me for the elder one. :roll:


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                            It takes alot of EQ and intuition to ask for someone's age.

                            I realise that right now, as I am the youngest in my department, I really don't mind saying out loud that I am 24 yrs old!

                            However, I believe that when I start to hit 26 27 (and if still not married), I probably will feel sensitive about it.


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                              got a guy friend who is so insensitive and he will go around asking gals of their age....

                              not too sure about how the marriage part got to do with age..i do know of many of my friends who got married when they are 28 or 29 years old..seem that that's the trend..especially after someone completed her university education and wanted to concentrate on career? :eh: