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    Dear all,

    I know there are online sources and books on baby food recipes but I just want the homemade ones (much healthier!) you make for your babies. My baby's been eating plain old rice cereal for a month plus and I can see that she's starting to get sick of it I've tried making pureed fruits but she didn't like them. Any nice recipes to share?


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    me not a mummy but try this?

    potatoes & carrots & celery - mashed


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      Here's what my baby has tried and found alright:

      -cereal with prunes (a lifesaver when she has constipation!)
      -cereal with toufu
      -cereal with toufu and bananas
      -cereal with papayas
      -cereal with avocado
      -cereal with sweet potatoes


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        i prepare food cubes in advance and use them in different combi to create different tastes

        - fruits : apples, pears, plums, nectarine, banana, papaya, mango (last three no need to freeze, should be eaten instantly)
        - vegetables : spinach, sweet potatoes, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, butternut pumpkin, green peas
        - meat : chicken and fish

        using the ingredients above, I will usually mix a heavy tasting vege with something milder, like broccoli+potatoes, cauliflower+sweet potatoes etc. Fruits can mix and match or eaten on its own. chicken goes well with potatoes and green peas, chicken and sweet potato etc.

        when my baby was your baby's age I was still giving single food purees of fruits and veg, chicken and fish should be started later, I also used rice cereal to blend to make it creamier as some purees are rather watery.

        For additional inspiration, i check out the food combinations for bottled baby food...


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          Thanks viv, chris and Crystal for your replies. I shall try them out soon Any more suggestions from other mommies? Roll them in


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            My gal takes rice porridge cooked with either lean meat or fish for taste, then just add on one more vegetable for texture (so far, she has tried spinach/brocoli/sweet potatoes/pumpkin/carrots).

            Dessert will be apples/pears/papaya. I usually use a spoon to ''scrape'' & feed straight from fruit.


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              Just last week, I tried Gerber cereal - the one with mixed fruits for baby mixed in his FM. It smell really yummy and Iizen takes it really well for his first week. Think I will try Gerber cereal mixed with other stuff like bananas or the one with fish....


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                sheri, that was the first flavoured cereal i tried for rachel too! she loved it as well. later on when Iizen turns 6 mths, you can start him on wheat cereal, try Nestle's Wheat plus mixed fruits, also smells yummy and it's rachel's fave! she doesn't mess herself up as much because she loves this

                i'm didn't try the banana because i give her mashed bananas, but i am giving her the fish right now for added protein + calcium.


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                  acidica and crystal, my baby must be the only baby here who hates Gerber's Mixed Fruit and Banana with Rice. She absolutely refused to eat them, not even a mouthful She likes (can't say she loves them because she occasionally refuses them half way through the meal) Gerber's Rice Cereal and Chicken and Rice though. I bought Fish, Mixed Vegetables and Rice today. Will see if she likes it when I feed her tomorrow


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                    Ariel, I read somewhere that all babies have different taste - its like us adult - we have certain preference of food as well. So no worries if Emily doesnt like Gerber cereal with fruits. There will be something that she likes - its a trial and error. Update if she likes the rest you bought. I am keen to try other cereal type later when iizen is older.

                    And crystal - i will try out the Nestle's Wheat plus mixed fruits and see how he reacts.. so interesting to see baby growing up in his/her own ways


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                      i'm introducing more meat like chicken and fish to her diet. the thing is, i'm not sure what type of fish is suitable. i heard big fishes have higher levels of mercury, but smaller fishes have alot of bones..

                      what type of fish do you use and how do you cook it?



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                        just fyi, only 6 month and above babies should be fed spinach. otherwise can be hard to digest and harmful in some instances.

                        Babies older that six months have a stomach acidity that is high enough to handle the nitrates in spinach, especially the levels found in baby food spinach and frozen processed spinach.


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                          fish wise can use cod fish, which is nice and buttery in flavour. for fish porridge, can ask fish mongers for the kind that pple use to make porridge for those recovering from operation? duh, i really dunno the name but i can recognise it ***.


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                            i thought about using cod. some of my baby book recipes did mention using those, but my mum says big fish not good... arrgghhhh... i guess it won't hurt, not like she's eating everyday.

                            xbliss, how do you prepare the cod? cook with porridge or on its own? TIA!


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                              Hi Crystal,

                              I've already started feeding my baby fish as well. I usually mix a little in her rice cereal - I have given her bai3 cang1 (white pomfret?), hei1 cang1 (black pomfret), eel and some other fish whose names I don't know.

                              Found this article which has some tables about which type of fish to avoid etc if you are worried about mercury exposure.