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Breathlessness during pregnancy?

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  • Breathlessness during pregnancy?

    Hi all...

    Does u all experience breathless during the early stage??? i'm having this breathless feeling n morning sickness together for quite a sometime...

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    Hi Carebe! Breathlessness during pregnancy is very normal and I used to experience it when I was preggers too. Towards the end it got so bad that I could hardly climb a few flights of stairs without feeling totally out of breath!

    Sharing with you what The Mother of All Pregnancy Books by Ann Douglas says about this:

    As your pregnancy progresses, pressure from your growing uterus makes it increasingly difficult for you to breathe easily. You get a bit of relief when your baby's head begins to descend into your pelvis (during the last month of your pregnancy), but you can ease the discomfort in the meantime by using an extra pillow when you're sleeping. To make matters worse, high levels of progesterone leave you feeling short of breath, something that triggers the desire to breathe more deeply.


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      I had the same experience too.It's quite common throughout pregnancy. Your respiratory rate (the number of breaths you take per minute) actually changes very little but the amount of air you take in with each breath increases significantly during pregnancy. Later in pregnancy,you might experience more labored breathing ? especially if you're carrying your baby high or have multiples.


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        thks Ariel & Bebelatte,

        i'm worry that it's some problem with me or the baby... feel more relief hearing that it's normal.. thks for the advice... i'm a first time mum so there's still alot of things that i should learn from all cozy mum here... Thks...


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          I almost fainted once... so do becareful and avoid crowded places like mrts or buses for you'll find it even harder to breathe then.


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            thks for the advice GG...

            i will try to avoid that....


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              hi carebe, you are still quite early in your pregnancy? i don't think it's the pressure from the uterus as the stomach ain't that big yet. Anyway, do mention it to your gynae on your next visit and see what she says.

              i also had breathlessness due to the pressure from the growing tummy but only when lying down. sleeping on the left side helps, something about the backflow of blood back to your heart... there is a scientific explanation i just can't remember what


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                Hi Crystal, i will check with my gynae when i c him next mth... i have this breathlessness even when i'm standing or sitting... like the place do not have enough air for me... i have to breath very hard with my mouth.. feeling very terrible..


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                  Hi Carebe

                  Do take care ok!? Next time when you feel breathless again, try to find somewhere to sit down, close your eyes and do some deep breathing...


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                    Hi Carebe,

                    If you find you are having trouble breathing, try close your mouth and take deep slow breaths throughyour nose. Keep your inhales and exhales the same length and keep your breath calm and make your breaths progressively longer. This will help your body absorb more oxygen from each breath. Breathing though the mouth is actually very inefficient and will make you more tired.

                    How fit are you? Doing some light exercise (walking, swimming, prenatal yoga) might also help.


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                      hi gajahgirl..

                      i use to go swimming almost everyday before i'm pregnant... n my hubby keep saying coz i swim too much until my lung is bigger then other ppl so i have to take more oxygen nw.... hahahaha... but after i'm pregnant i seldom exercise... maybe should go n try do some exercise...