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  • Scrapbooking

    Herro everyone,

    Anyone into scrapbooking? Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned scrapper, holler here!

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    i dont do scrapbooking but i do lots of rubber stamp of cards.


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      I'm interested in learning more about scrapbook. Can tell me more?


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        ermm, what exactly is scrapbooking?


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          been researching about scrapbooking for the past few hours! I'm going to make a scrapbook for my 21st birthday celebration.. Can't wait to get my pay, so I can go purchase the scrapbooking materials!!

          For more info on scrapbooking, you can go to:

          Scrapbooking Cove



          Good sites to find out more about scrapbooking and to find ideas for your own scrapbook!

          This new hobby is going to cost a lot!! :Doh:


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            Ha ha! Me! Been scrapbooking for about 2 years already. How about you ladies?

            Yep, have to admit that scrapbookin materials are expensive but it's acid-free! That is - that papers won't turn yellow with time! It's really like memories past down from generations to generations! And it's so personal!


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              scrapbooking is so fun!! it simply means cut and paste and write yeah? How come it's costly? i normally do "scrapbooking" on photo albums...


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                What Is Scrapbooking?
                Scrapbooking is an art of arranging photos and journaling mounted onto decorative papers, adding memorabilia, embellishments and stickers to enhance the overall effect. By using acid-free and lignin-free albums and materials, photos can be preserved beautifully and safely for generations to come.
                In short, a scrapbook is a decorated photo album - but it's different from a photo album because not only it preserves photos but also something more than just the photos - your memories and your family heritage.

                A scrapbook isn't just for stay-at-home moms or for someone who is "crafty". A scrapbook is for everyone who has cherished memories that they want to share with others.
                ~from the scrapbooking cove~

                cup: the materials used are not the normal ones. it's acid free! that accounts for the higher cost.


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                  oh! i just use normal photo album..i didnt know what i did was exactly called scrapbooking until today :Doh:


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                    we learn new things everyday!

                    i was thinking of doing some scrapbooking and this thread was the first thread in the hobby forum!

                    the normal materials will make the photos lose their colour with time. but the acid free materials used will preserve the colour.

                    ETA: there's this shop at wheelock that sells the stuff for scrapbooking right?


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                      Yupp! Very cool place! They even offer a 1 day class/course on scrapbooking where u get to mount 3 pages of photos.. all materials inclusive in the course fees & u get pointers by the 'instructor' there. Just bring your own photos. Went in when they were conducting a class once & it was sooooo cool! Definitely going for this one of these days.. gotta check out the price. They did tell me but i forgotten already! Hehe

                      Lots of cool decorative material there but pricey!!! :eh:


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                        Anyone knows of places where I can find cheaper materials? Trying to find acid-free black paper which are about 150-200g/sq m, but the only acid-free paper which are in packets that Art Friends sells are all colourful paper. Buying by piece is too expensive for me. Any recommendations of where to find such materials?

                        Air: What kind of albums do you use? I'm confused as to what kind of albums to buy - both the sizes of the albums & the type of binding of the albums.. Have you bought anything from scrapbooking cove before? Lots of questions I want to ask!!


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                          peekaboo: when are you going? i wanna go too! but is it expensive? a poor student can't afford too much.

                          yes! i went in twice and i was soooo excited by all the nice lovely materials they have there! :wow:


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                            It will be cool if we create these scrapbooks as present for our dear friends/family/boyfriend....lovely memories..


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                              yeah, scrapbooks can hold precious memories! a great keep sake!