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4-5* Hotels for small D&D

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  • 4-5* Hotels for small D&D

    K, I know this is the wedding sub-forum but since there has been mentions and reviews about so many hotels, I thought I could post this here.
    Well I'm looking for 4 or 5 star hotels recommendations for a party. Not a wedding dinner-just a party. Like a D&D kinda thing.
    I've been to Hyatt and it was great. I went there for a birthday party in one of the small banquet rooms. Hilton was not bad. But I rather not support Paris Hilton :p
    OK basically, I'm looking for a 4/5 star hotel to hold a small D&D. For perhaps 20 tables the MAX.
    Any recommendations? Oh, please do state whether it's a 4* or a 5*. Thank you!

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    Some hotels you can consider is
    Four Season Hotel
    Conrad International
    Mandarin Hotel



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      Pan Pacific. Hotel Intercontiental.


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        Thank you all!!!


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          Originally posted by elainetsai
          Pan Pacific. Hotel Intercontiental.
          Keke...that's the 2 places we choosing for my company's D&D and we decided on Hotel Intercontiental.
          Pan Pac also very nice though...Intercontinental very privacy and different feel.......


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            Oh!... Thanks for the feedback. I like Pan Pac cos of it's location. It's guaranteed the sea view.
            Feel free to tell me ur reviews! I'm thinking of putting Four Seasons as my top choice now as I heard lotsa good things abt it... I been to Conrad before. It's pretty but common.