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Child's Health - Genes or Pregnancy?

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  • Child's Health - Genes or Pregnancy?

    Some babies are born quite sickly. So I'm wondering whether the health of a child/baby is determined by:

    (1) both the genes of the parents or
    (2) the food/nutrition and care undertaken by the mother during the pregnancy or
    (3) both

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    both i think. i'm reading a book now called "the prenatal prescription" by peter nathanielsz that says the mother's state of physical and emotional health at the time of conception and through pregnancy is one of the biggest determinants of her child's health. Some bits from the book:

    - newborns born smaller than normal as a result of poor nutrition in utero are more likely to have elevated cholesterol as adults and are more prone to obesity than babies born of normal size

    - the nutritional quality of the womb environment is often a more important predictor for risk of heart disease than either genetic predisposition or post-birth influences like diet or stress

    haven't read enough to form my own opinion yet, but quite an interesting read


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      I understand that when you try to conceive, the mother has to be healthy inorder to have a healthy baby. So, I guessed both the mother state of health(gene?) and nutrition both plays important role.