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    Check this interesting site out!

    the world's first and leading site about nothing but airline food.

    Browse thousands of inflight meals, includes comments and rating from the passengers themselves.

    Photo taken by: furiko
    Date: 30 November 2004

    Photo taken by: MAC
    Route: Paris CDG - Caracas (CCS), date: 03 October 2004 Air France

    Pictures taken by: Mr. A. Solum
    Route: Tai'pei - Tokyo - 29 May 2004 CX

    There's reviews of airlines as well.

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    Oooo... interesting thread! Those top 2 actually look quite appealing

    Can anybody remember the worst tasting in-flight they had? Mine was a flight with Cathy Pacific and I had this marinated ginger chicken which as so salty it was inedible!

    The nicest ones I can remember were usually quite simple...something like chicken with white wine sauce and potato wedges with veg or a pasta dish.

    Thankfully in-flight meals seem to have improved over the past few years


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      This is such a cute thread! I know its sick to some people but I actually like to eat airline food though Maybe its always interesting to look at the flight menu whenever I travel!

      Yep the middle one looks tasty! Not to mention that I love how they organize the items nicely and everything all looks so palatable! I like the packaging of the sealed water cups!


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        any airline serving caramel???

        interesting site


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          Personally i hate airline food because the food always turns out half-cooked, I always end up eating the bread only! The first class meals look super good though heh


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            Me too! I love the breads served on First Class and Business Class. The most memorable meal I have eaten onboard is by Doc Cheng on United Airlines.


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              Never got the chance of sitting first class but i sat in business one and it was great! I remembered i was served sushi and later the stewardess went around with a box of godiva chocs yum!


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                I never thought of having a chance to ever sit on business/first class. I was lucky to worked in a airline town office to enjoy the once in a lifetime benefits, too bad the pay was peanuts, so I left


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                  I read that airline food has to be specially prepared because it tastes different when eaten at sea level.


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                    I never thought that airline food could look so good! (esp the second photo).
                    I love the food they serve en route to Japan though (regardless of airlines) - maybe because Jap food is more unique whereas Chinese food is just stir fried-dump gravy style

                    I liked BA services. Free bottles of wine all the time!


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                      glossie: let us in on the food details! Always wondered how the food was prepared- do you have to heat it up before serving? Also, which airline did you work for- asking to find out the quality of the meals they serve! Heh.


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                        It was SQ. Food preparation before they're despatched on board, I don't know (did catch some docu on TV before) but yes we have to heat the casseroles in the oven. This was back in 1989. The casseroles are covered with alu foils and placed in metal stacks. The galley steward hauls the stacks right into the oven for heating. Hee.. I think we heat our hand towels in the same oven?? Or maybe not; I forgot!

                        I'm not really crazy about the desserts, though. Very rarely you get nice ones. I was always going for the cheese and crackers. Any wonder why I'd put on? Sometimes, we got food from the First and Business class galleys (cholestrol alert!); that's how we got to eat good stuff like caviar! I remember the bread from Tokyo airport was the best! Business class pax would always ask for seconds. Those with sweet tooth would attack their red-bean japanese desserts.


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                          i love inflight meals. i get super excited when the trolley is approaching!


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                            I think Viet airlines has one of the nicer airline meals! When I took it, I actually finished 2 servings! Mine and my friend's!

                            As compared to normally when I can't even eat half of it, hehe.

                            I don't think it was hunger though, cos on the flight back it was the same thing, i wiped out everything !

                            VEL the pics make me wanna sit air france now!!!


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                              a silly thought flashed through my head just now.

                              Any flight attendants reading this thread?

                              Will airline meals still be as nice to you or it's :puke: u simply can't wait to go onland?