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Ear wax in babies

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  • Ear wax in babies

    Hi Moms,

    Anoybody experienced try to clear the ear wax in your baby's ears? My baby is always sticking her finger into her ears like she's irritated. I shined a torch into her ears and saw quite alot of ear wax deep in the canal.

    Checked on the internet and seems like the remedy is to put some baby oil in the ear to soften it and then let it come out. Has anyone tried this? Is this safe? I know the common advice is to leave it alone but it does seem that there's quite a bit, worried that it may lead to total blockage. Wonder if I should bring her to the PD for professional removal
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    hi mogmick, try cerumol from pharmacy... baby oil also can i think. but check with the pharmacist first if your baby is old enough to use it

    i've not used it myself but heard that's what is used. if really alot maybe should bring your baby to the dr.


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      Ears are self-cleaning organs. Consult the doctors if your baby wax is bothering you. removing it will cause the baby to produce more.


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        agree with bebelatte, we only clean the outside of my daughter's ears, we dun stick anything inside. mogmick - she could be sticking her fingers into her ears cos she's just discovered them!


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            I have recently used this Tropex ear drops to clear son's ear wax, based on pd's recommendation coz the ears are filled with wax (to my surprise) . I find it quite good. I only used twice, and after a week, the ugly looking yellowish wax came out *yucks*. The drops felt abit oily and ds usually will try rubbing it off after i 'dropped' them. I will definitely continue using it until the ears are cleared



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              Yeah, I also thought to leave it alone, but she does seem to rub/dig her ears pretty frequently and seem rather irritated. Not sure if the wax buildup causes itchiness.

              I just got a shock the other day to see quite alot of wax. Think I may check with the PD. Thanks for the advices!


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                My son was like that too- digged and rubbed and seemed very irritated. So we mentioned it to the PD, and she prescribed cerumol.

                Its quite uncomfortable having cerumol in your ears too. Hubby tried it in his ears and didnt like the feeling too. We didnt know if it really helped. So we stopped after one application.


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                  i heard some friends using olive oil. a few drops in each ear and the stuff will loosen and come out after some time. i believe they use the cotton buds to clean up after the drip. any comments on this?


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                    Err I didn't the inside of my tod's ear till she was about a year old and can understand when to keep still. Before that I dare not but hb and MIL did it a few times and she loved it so much she was so relaxed till she slept.