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Do you Collect or Use Makeup?

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  • Do you Collect or Use Makeup?

    Hi lovely cotters,

    Just a show of hands how many of you actually use the makeup you bought. Do you buy makeup becos they look so pretty or do you actually use them?

    I have tonnes of makeup still brand new in box:-

    - 3 Stila FF palettes
    - All 3 Stila Orient palettes
    - Stila Love look deal palette
    - MAC Whim mineralize e/s
    - MAC Holiday 2004 Jewel eye palette
    - Shu rosemary, IR blue 645, IR Green 512 e/s
    - > 15 Revlon SL l/g
    and tonnes of MM and Pied Nus e/s.......

    somehow they all seemed too pretty to use. Anyone else like me?

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    Grew out of collecting a long time ago. Figured if I can't use it it's going to spoil and that's just disgusting. So I'm trying to finish stuff. When I finally succeed, I'm going to get a whole new bunch, but I doubt it'll happen in this lifetime.


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      me too..the they are so pretty that cannot resist buying!


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        Wow... you should put them up for swap!

        I don't have any BNIB because I'm always very eager to test out my new stuff. Then again i'm still studying so i don't really have the finances to horde m/u. Can't wait to have greater purchasing power...


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          i collect makeup too .. especially those in sweet and cute packaging
          i almost went haywire collecting spring edition blushers ..


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            I only buy what I use... can't stand seeing unused stuff around.


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              guilty person posts guilty question

              poor auntie collects cheap MU, uses them too. nothing interesting :roll:


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                Interesting. I don't use M/U cos I've really sensitive skin, and I remember it was CC that first taught me MU was makeup. Was it Vel who enlightened me then? I do sometimes feel like buyingbuyingbuying MU cos they look sopretty!! Especially the MAC or Anna Sui or Stila ones in the pretty pot! I randomly buy lipstuff that have nice colors though, but I've never actually gone past half a tube of any lipstuff.

                Vernis, good thing for Vday swap u got me apparels and no MU! I was actually very worried when evil Tea told me my SV is one that only ventures in MU section *muacks*


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                  i definitely collect make up items especially those that look so exquisite i jus cant bare to use them ***...luv to buy foundations use them once and them jus keep them cos i luv the compact haha its terrible


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                    Originally posted by plain_substance
                    Wow... you should put them up for swap!
                    Maybe i'm just too sentimental a person. I treat all my makeup like my babies. I just can't bear to swap my babies away. This including those used ones i have. Unless those really can't make it ones then i swap.


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                      i COLLECT and USE them

                      bought tons of MARK COSMETICS and i've only touched them for a few times.
                      they are sooo lovely!!!
                      cant bear to destroy them man hehehe

                      there are times whereby i purchase cosmetics just solely for the packaging.
                      i'll make extra sure that i handle it with care and even after using up all the contents, i'll still keep the casing as keepsake purposes


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                        ^ditto happybean^

                        It pains me too. I know how that feeling is like. It's like i have destroyed a pretty face. Argh!!?? :Doh:


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                          i think we are alike. Hmm... do we need therapy? and yet we just can't stop buying.


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                            I think I do more collecting than using makeup!

                            The problem is that I have so many unpractical colours that aren't really suitable for office wear (e.g. lots of greens and blues!). Oops!

                            And to be honest, I'm too lazy to put it on first thing in the morning! I never leave enough time for myself in the morning so I have to forget about makeup and prioritise!


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                              so glad to know i'm not alone.