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  • Security info on online shop sites

    Do you save your CC/DC information on the sites that you shop at? Is it safe to do so? Some websites have the auto save thing eg Gap, ON. When I order again, my card information are still there so I don't have to re-enter the details.

    I seem to remember a cotter saying that when she ordered, someone else's details were revealed to her login! Not everyone's honest so .. do you clear those information away after each order??

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    No I don't. In fact, i do so much online shopping till I can remember my CC details. There's no need for me to save it in the profile. Hehe!


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      I'm no expert on online shopping. But I think you should clear your 'cookies' in the PC which you did your online shopping after every transaction, especially if it's a shared PC.


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        I do clear my cookies and make sure I don't check the 'save my info' button each time I enter my card details but the next time I log in, all my card info including the security number. Do it happen to you all too?


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          I usually do not store my CC info at merchant's websites such as ON or Gap coz I am a bit paranoid when it comes to stuff like these. Moreover, just like artichoke, I've memorised the 12 digit # of my CC already.